Meet Your Latest Cookie Obsession

by Sara Levine

We all love a good food mashup — when two beloved but unlikely foods come together in perfect harmony, it's truly a wonderful culinary experience. Take, for instance, the Oreo bagel: a popular sandwich cookie combined with arguably the second-best breakfast food to ever be created (surpassed only by eggs, sorry not sorry). What could be better than that? Not much — for the record, my dad once combined Oreos and eggs and made an Oreo omelet, and it was predictably disgusting. That is a true story. But now, there's a new cookie food mashup in town, one that just might be better than everything we've ever imagined: the Cookiedilla by the Cupcake Project. Yes, your instincts are correct — this beautiful creation is half cookie, half quesadilla, all awesome.

Stefani Pollack, the food blogger behind the Cupcake Project, brought together chocolate chip cookies and quesadillas to make this delicious-looking Cookiedilla. Don't worry, though, it doesn't actually have cheese in it like an actual quesadilla would. That sounds like it might taste a little weird, although Stefani did make a chocolate chip cookie grilled cheese sandwich, so maybe it could work with cheese, too. The Cookiedilla, in my opinion, is actually more like a s'more combined with a chocolate chip cookie, with the shape and melty goodness of a quesadilla. And the best part is it's super easy to make.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 2 giant chocolate chip cookies (Stefani notes that you'll want to choose ones that are thin and crispy)
  • Marshmallows
  • A handful of chocolate chips
  • A quesadilla maker or panini press

Easy, right? It's just as simple to put together. First, grab one of your big cookies and top with as many marshmallows and chocolate chips as your heart desires.

Then, put your other cookie on top and place the whole thing in your panini press or quesadilla maker. Make sure it's on the Grill-Panini setting, or whatever the equivalent is for your device.

Close the top gently and wait five minutes or so — the waiting is honestly the hardest part. And that's it!

Remove, cut with a pizza cutter or knife if you so desire, or just eat the entire thing.

And that's literally it! If you're feeling a bit adventurous, here are some ways you could jazz up your Cookiedilla even more:

1. Peanut Butter

Put it in the sandwich and have it get all melty, or slather it on top afterwards — the choice is yours.

2. M&Ms

M&M chocolate chip Cookiedilla? Now those are flavors that are meant to go together.

3. Speculoos Cookie Butter

One thing that can make a Cookiedilla even better is more cookie flavor! I also think the graham cracker-like taste of Speculoos spread will make it taste even more like a s'more. Yum.

4. Salted Caramel

Similar to my peanut butter reasoning, adding some salted caramel into the mix could produce a nice contrast between the salty and the sweet. I know, I'm getting too crazy over here. I should be on Top Chef.

5. Ice Cream

This is one cookie sandwich that's just begging to be made into an ice cream sandwich. Stay with me here: a scoop of your favorite ice cream sandwiched between two Cookiedillas. Is that what dreams are made of? I think so.

Eat one Cookiedilla, eat a million — I won't judge. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go run to the store to buy marshmallows, chocolate chips, cookies, and a panini press. For a totally unrelated project, of course.

Images: Courtesy of Stefani Pollack/Cupcake Project; Giphy (5)