These Are The Perfect Mugs For Jane Austen Lovers

by Julia Seales

There’s nothing like an autumn day spent reading and drinking tea — especially if you’re reading Jane Austen, and drinking out of a Jane Austen mug.

If you adore fall above all other seasons, you’re in good company: Jane Austen knew that autumn was the perfect season. After all, in her book Persuasion she describes fall as “that season of peculiar and inexhaustible influence on the mind of taste and tenderness — that season which has drawn from every poet worthy of being read some attempt at description, or some lines of feeling.” And if you’re also obsessed with tea and coffee, there’s an Austen quote for that, too, because she also appreciated the importance of tea. In Mansfield Park Sir Thomas rejects a bowl of soup, saying that he would “rather have nothing but tea.”

It is a truth universally acknowledged that nothing goes better together than a hot drink and a book. And if your drinking vessel is book-themed? Even better. Once the leaves start to change and the weather turns cold again, I can’t resist shopping for new mugs, and Jane Austen-themed mugs are always at the top of my list. Here are a few I ardently admire and love:

1. I'd Rather Be At Pemberley Mug

An autumn day spent reading is wonderful, but let's be honest: you'd rather be at Pemberley. Until Austenland becomes a real place, reading about Darcy's home while sipping tea from this mug will have to do.

Pemberley Mug, $12.95, Etsy

2. Emma Quote Mug

Celebrate female friendship with this mug boasting a quote from Emma. Emma Woodhouse praises her friend Harriet when she says that "there is no charm equal to tenderness of heart," and there's no mug quite equal to this one.

Emma Mug, $8, Etsy

3. Vintage Jane Austen Mug

This vintage-style mug bears a cartoon of Jane Austen herself, as well as a quote about the importance of her works. Cheers to that.

Vintage Jane Austen Mug, $12.50, Etsy

4. Vintage Pride And Prejudice Mug

With an image of the book cover to Pride and Prejudice, this vintage-style mug pairs perfectly with the novel itself.

Vintage Pride and Prejudice Mug, $17.35, Etsy

5. Mansfield Park Quote Mug

This mug features the aforementioned quote from Mansfield Park. And the quote looks like a teabag peeping out of your mug. And there are a bunch of teacups underneath it. Basically, I would rather have nothing but this amazing mug.

Tea Mug, $24, Etsy

6. Fluent In Austen Quotes Mug

If you, like me, are constantly quoting Austen, this mug will let people know your second language. Sip some coffee from it while reading Austen, quoting Austen, and living Austen. All in a day in the life of a true Janeite.

Austen Quote Mug, $16, Etsy

7. Captain Wentworth's Letter Mug

Of all Austen quotes, the text of Captain Wentworth's letter is one of my all-time favorites. Who can resist his passionate words, whether on the page, or on an amazingly beautiful mug? No one.

Captain Wentworth Letter Mug, $13.34, missbohemia on Etsy

8. Quotable Austen Mug

Honestly, it's hard to choose which Austen quote is the best, because there are so many amazing ones. If you can't decide, this is the mug for you: it has plenty of Austen's best sentences, plus a picture of the amazing author herself. I own this mug and can honestly say it's my favorite — if I loved it less, I might be able to talk about it more.

Quotable Mug, $13.95, The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

Image: Etsy/IvoryPaige (1)