Why Fall Is The Best Season To Read Outside

by Julia Seales
Warner Bros. Television

To be honest, reading a book outside can be one of the best experiences ever… or one of the worst. When it’s summer, and the sun is blazing, the pages of your book are illuminated to an almost unbearable brightness. The heat can be a distraction, as can pests like mosquitoes. If I finally manage to ignore all of that and become engrossed in the book… I’ll end up with a horrible sunburn. Reading on the beach is perfection, of course, but for those of us who are landlocked it’s not always an option. As for reading outside during the winter, why subject yourself to that when you can cozy up inside with a mug of hot chocolate and some warm lit-inspired socks? As for spring, though it’s a great time to enjoy blooming flowers and warm breezes, a sudden rain shower can ruin any plans for reading outdoors.

Truly, the best season to read outside will always be autumn. TV characters like Rory Gilmore can often be spotted reading on benches once the leaves start turning colors, and you should take a page from their book, because fall is the perfect time to pick up your favorite novel and head outdoors.

1. The Leaves Smell Amazing

Book-lovers are notorious for waxing poetic about the smell of libraries, bookstores, and just books in general. Because of this, it naturally follows that book-lovers will also love the smell of leaves when paired with fresh pages. After all, it's a similar scent, and the two are really meant to go together.

2. It's The Perfect Temperature To Stay Outside

It's not too hot and it's not too cold... all you need is a light jacket and a book, and you're totally set to spend all day outdoors with the perfect novel. There's no need to worry about snow or extreme heat if you live in a place with seasons, so go out and take advantage of that perfect autumnal weather.

3. Many Books Are Set In Autumn

For some reason, authors love autumn. Perhaps because it's so picturesque, or maybe it's just something stirring in the air that makes people want to set everything in the season of changing leaves. Whatever the reason, so many books are set in autumn, and there's nothing quite like reading a great book while ~sort of~ living it at the same time.

4. There Are No Bugs

Whereas summer makes it difficult to read outside because of bugs, you don't have to worry about them in the fall. Ants may make a picnic, but it's a bit more comfortable without them.

5. You Can Pair Your Book With A Fall Beverage

From hot Butterbeer to any kind of tea, warm autumn beverages go perfectly with books. And those two things are even better when enjoyed in the great outdoors.

6. You Can Wear Cozy Sweaters

The minute I put on an oversized fall sweater, I start looking around for a book, because it's impossible to not have the urge to fall into a book while wearing anything knitted. It's a true phenomenon. Luckily, because of the chilly weather, sweaters are the perfect ensemble when reading outdoors in the fall.

7. You'll Feel Like A Book Character

A book character would certainly take a novel outside on a picturesque fall day. And if a book character does something, that's reason enough to do the same, right?

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