Is ColourPop’s Bumble Ultra Matte Lip Sold Out? This Top-Selling Shade Is Still In Stock

When it comes to fall beauty, ColourPop is doing it up! They’ve released not one, but three fall collections, and each one is absolutely amazing. There are different color palettes to choose from, but each shade is super on-trend for this time of year. You’re going to want to find out if ColourPop’s Bumble lip shade is sold out because it's everything you could ever want.

Perhaps the best part of all is, this shade isn’t part of the Fall Edits from the brand, which means, it’s not limited edition. So, it will be available to shop long after the season has passed. Trust me, you’re not going to want to pass up your chance to wear a color that’s as pretty as this. According to ColourPop’s Instagram, this shade is a top-seller, despite not being apart of the fall line-up.

It’s really no surprise that this shade is such a hit, either. If you ask me, it's a mix of Rose and Terra Cotta. So, you wind up with a bright, pink-orange lippie. Since Dusty Rose and Terra Cotta are both trending so hard right now, it’s no wonder people want to get a little bit of both from their lipstick. Thankfully, this lip color was still in stock at the time of publication. So, get your hands on it while you can!

If Dusty Rose and Terra Cotta had a baby, this would be it.

Ultra Matte Lip in Bumble, $6, ColourPop Cosmetics

Bumble truly is the perfect fall shade.

It fits right in with the rest of the Terra Cotta color palette.

The hint of pink makes the shade all the more fun.

Slick some of these shadows on your lids, add Bumble to your pout, and you'll be more than ready to take on fall.

Because ColourPop's got everything you need to rep the best colors of the season.

Images: Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics (2)