When Can You Buy The Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette? Here Are The Dates To Shop — PHOTOS

Rich metallic and matte shades feel pretty perfect for fall, and the Kat Von D Metal Matte palette feels like the perfect compliment to the changing weather — but when, exactly, will it be available?

The makeup recently announced on her Instagram account that the Metal Matte palette launches Sept. 26 on Sephora's website. Beauty lovers who like to try on swatches at the store before committing to a purchase will have to wait a bit longer to introduce the piece into their routine: While the palette is available online on the 26th, it's not available in stores until Oct. 7.

Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette , $100, Bonanza

The limited edition Metal Matte palette includes 22 metallic and matte shades. The mattes range from dark navy and dusty purple, to warm brown and rich plum. It also features nine metallic shades, letting you choose from gunmetal silver and blue, to coppery bronzes that will carry you into the holiday season.

The new palette has a little something for everyone, and the endless color combinations will definitely appeal to the more creative and experimental makeup lovers out there. For everyone else, the range of the palette could easily turn it into one of the biggest workhorses in your makeup arsenal.

The Metal Matte palette's options are richly pigmented and pack a powerful punch. They swipe on true to shade, allowing you to create bold, almost electric looks. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that this range of shadows look incredible on varying skin tones.

Considering that you get nine metallic shadows and 13 mattes (not to mention the fact that they all make a statement alone or paired together), the $60 price tag basically feels like a bargain.

This is a limited edition palette, so if you're a Kat Von D devotee or makeup palette fiend in general, you might want to grab yours quickly. There's no promising these won't sell out.

Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette , $100, Bonanza

Images: katvondbeauty/Instagram