This Mermaid Makeup Tutorial Could Take Your Halloween Costume To A Whole New Level — VIDEO

If you're planning to be a glittery-eyed, mystical mermaid this Halloween, look no further: Beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials' mermaid makeup tutorial has you covered, and her makeup look could take the concept of a mermaid costume to an entirely different dimension.

Sporting cotton candy pink hair fit for an underwater mer-queen, the vlogger shared step-by-step instructions in a 12 minute video on just how to create a metallic blue and purple eyelid to accent this year's costume.

Be warned: This is no Ariel knock-off. Nikkie described it as a "modern-day smoky mermaid," meaning you can just as easily wear it out on a Friday night as you could to a Best Costume competition. Think of this as the beauty look for a new generation of mermaids, perfect for people who wouldn't be satisfied simply recreating the classics, and love to take their makeup to the next level.

The entire eyeshadow look was created using the NikkieTutorials X Too Faced Power of Makeup Eyeshadow Palette, available at both Sephora and Ulta for $56. According to Nikkie, the trick to creating such a bold eye is to start off the application with a solid eye primer so the whole thing doesn't wear off after an hour — in the video she recommended using the MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.

NikkieTutorials on YouTube

For her base she surprisingly used a black eyeliner gel and topped it off with the silvery-teal hue.

To round off the fish-scale look, she incorporated “Wham Bam,” a glittery purple shade, on the inner and outer corners of the eye.

The ending look was a cohesive, mermaid-inspired eye that will have you looking like you live in an underwater kingdom.

Now that you have your makeup look pinned down, below are suggestions on fashion items to help you piece the rest of your fashion-forward, high-glam mermaid outfit together.

1. Sequined Skirt

Jaded London Mermaid Sequin Mini Skirt Co-Ord, $52,

Compliment your metallic eyeshadows with this glittery purple skirt.

2. A Cozy & Sparkly Top

Jaded London Raglan Sweatshirt With Mermaid Sequin Sleeves Co-Ord, $104,

While you can totally opt for a shell bra, a sequined sweatshirt might be a comfier option — plus, the athleisure trend is always a winner.

3. A Glittery Dress

Club L Plus Wrap Front Velvet Mini Dress, $36,

Why mess around with separate pieces when you can pop on a sparkly dress and achieve highly-conceptualized mermaid realness?

4. A Colorful Wig

Bubblegum Blue Faux Hair Wig, $20,

To round out the outfit, don't forget a wig with a candy color hue, which is much less fuss than temporary dye.

With these options, you'll have this mermaid Halloween thing — and you'll definitely stand out from any other sea dwellers at the party.

Images: NikkieTutorials/ YouTube (4); ASOS (4)