Who Is Jason Walsh? Hilary Duff's Rumored Boyfriend Started Out As A Friend First

For a while there, it seemed like Hilary Duff was going to reconcile with Mike Comrie, her ex-husband and father of their son, Luca. However, it looks like the two are just destined to be the best co-parents the world has ever seen (which, of course, is admirable AF in itself), because Duff is apparently dating Jason Walsh — the two were papped holding hands together in New York City over the weekend. Duff's rep told Bustle that they do not comment on her personal life.

Now, these ~relationship rumors~ between Duff and Walsh have been going on for more than a year now (you only need to look at the above photo, taken in August 2015 at an event for Walsh's gym, to see exactly why the world assumed they're together), but the paparazzi shots of the hand-holding is perhaps the most legit evidence of all. Sure, they've gone out to dinner a million times and sources have claimed that they're "casually dating," but the new papped evidence certainly seems pretty "relationship-py" to me. Hey, at least I ship it, anyway.

Which obviously means that now is the perfect time to get to know the Younger actor's beau just a little bit better. Who is Jason Walsh? Let's find out below...

For One, He's Her Personal Trainer

Walsh is a celebrity trainer to the stars, and the "Sparks" singer may be his favorite client. (Other clientele include LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.)

They Started Out As Friends

When it was first rumored that Duff and Walsh were an item, a source denied that anything romantic was going on between the two, telling E! News: "He's her trainer and they hang out. They are not dating. They hang out and they are friends." Of course, everyone knows that the best romances come from friendships...

He Loves Dogs & Kids

Which makes perfect sense for a dog owner and mom like H. Duff. Just look at how cute he is with his nephews!

But He's A Little Bit Of A Bad Boy

Walsh rides a motorcycle, and according to E! News, Duff has been on the 'cycle with him a time or two. I'm getting serious flashbacks to that time she rode on the back of a Vespa in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

He Once Pranked A Wrong Number Text (Lily Collins & Milo Ventimiglia Approved)

Harsh, but kind of hilarious. Lily Collins' comment: "Ahh so mean. But genius." Milo Ventimiglia's? "That's f*cking awesome."

And, Of Course, He's Ripped AF

Just like any good personal trainer (and boyfriend) should be.