7 Things That Could Happen During A Waxing Session

by Summer Arlexis

When it comes to visiting your waxer (especially for those full-blown Brazilians) there's really no room for modesty or embarrassment. It turns out that some pretty strange things can happen at a waxing appointment, and your waxer has likely seen it all.

No matter how self conscious you might feel about your body hair (and you shouldn't), your waxer has probably had far stranger experiences than tackling your bush or hairy legs. Sometimes, things can just get a bit out of hand at your waxing appointment, but there's no reason to be uncomfortable with anything that might occur. Many waxers are used to getting up close and personal up with strangers, so it might be that nothing surprises them.

At the end of the day, waxers are professionals and they're used to seeing things that you might think are downright weird. Luckily, they don't judge you, and the amount of weirdness your waxer sees on the regular means that if it happens to you, it probably already happened to someone else. Even if you feel a little bit strange at your next appointment, this waxer's stories prove that weirdness is relative, and things could always be worse.

1. You Could Get Creative With Design

Going in for a wax can be such a miserable experience that some of us want it done as swiftly as possible. Then there are clients who can endure the pain enough to have a little fun with their wax. Hibba Kapil, founder of Hibba Beauty Studio, recalls being asked to wax one of her client's pubes into a special design. "Initials for landing strip during a full Brazilian wax was odd," she says. "Like how do I make an alphabet with pubes?"

2. You Might Need An Unusual Spot Waxed

Even the teeniest spots aren't off limits at a waxing salon. Kapil says her clientele is usually reasonable. "Every now and then I get people asking me to wax their ears or inside of their nose," she says. It's not exactly strange, but it's definitely less common than legs or bikini lines.

3. You May Get Gassy

Having to strip down and go spread eagle is already uncomfortable for many people, but having your bodily functions go haywire during a service takes things to a new level of tragic. "Clients try to be as relaxed and they are still a little nervous, so its very common," mentions Kapil.

4. Your Waxer Might Ask You To Clean Up

Life is busy, and you don't always have time to shower before appointments like these. "For the nether regions, we offer our clients wipes just in case they came from a gym." says Kapil. Your body needs to be clean and dry for the waxing to be the most effective.

5. You Might Be Fixing A Previous Waxing Mistake


We've all been victims of a DIY gone wrong, and Kapil has had the pleasure of tuning up a bad wax job before. She once had a client come in with her privates half waxed. "She was trying it herself at home and it didn't work out to well, so she came in and asked us to finish the job for her," she adds.

6. You Might Have A Bowel Movement

Kapil has even had a client poop (yes, poop!) on her table during an appointment. "Yup she had had a little too many mimosas right before her wax and so she had less bowel movement control," Kapil recalls. "No judging though."

7. You Could Go At The Wrong Time Of The Month

"We don't do full Brazilian when girls are menstruating. Simply cause it's way more painful and it can cause bruising," explains Kapil. This is helpful to know.

If you're ever reluctant to strip down to your birthday suit and have your waxer probe around your body, just remember things probably aren't nearly as horrid as they seem. Your waxer probably has a long list of embarrassing, gross, and peculiar stories he or she could tell you about the behind-the-scenes of an appointment — when you're going in a for a service this personal, things are bound to get a little weird every once in awhile.

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