Where Did Seth Meyers Go to College? The 'Late Night' Host Is as Smart as He Is Funny

Lately, Late Night with Seth Meyers has been all about the SNL throwbacks. He has had numerous Saturday Night Live classmates on as guests, and routinely slips into that "Weekend Update" voice we know and love. Wednesday night, Seth even roped Jason Sudeikis into reprising failed SNL sketches on the Late Night stage in a new segment called "Second Chance Theater." He has promised to revive two skits, "Juggling Flyer" with Sudeikis and "Jenjamin Franklin" with Will Forte, in order to show some of the memorable moments from his improv origins. But Seth's pre-SNL history seems like it could yield some memorable skits, as well.

In the short memory of the Internet, Seth is mostly known as "that guy who used to sit at one desk and make jokes, and now sits at that other desk and makes different jokes," but he has a deep history beyond SNL.

Seth "went to fucking school" at Northwestern University, graduating in 1996. He joined Mee-Ow, a college improv troupe with alums like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Stephen Colbert. He has described the group as "absolutely the reason I am in comedy today," so we're betting that he has some stories from his time as a Mee-Ow stape.

While he was in Chicagoland, he also joined Preponderate, a stacked Chicago Improv Olympic team. Oh, and while he was at Northwestern, Seth was a frat star, belonging to Phi Gamma Delta. We don't doubt that these experiences probably yielded even more exciting memories than an interview with Jason Sudeikis, so Seth, maybe we could see some "college flashback theater" on Late Night as well? Please?