Who's The New Ivy On 'Gotham'? Maggie Geha Is Gearing Up For Some Sweet Revenge

You know when you're a kid and adults always make such a big deal of how you seem to have grown up so fast? Well in the case of Ivy Pepper on Gotham , that sentiment is going to be able to be taken quite literally. Prior to escaping the clutches of Fish Mooney, Ivy briefly found herself in the hands of Marv's magical touch. And while usually he's able to hold on long enough to age his victims to the point of death, Ivy was able to detangle herself long before then. But that doesn't mean the side effects won't still be significant. In fact, Monday night's episode "Mad City: Burn the Witch" will introduce a new Ivy on Gotham in the form of Maggie Geha, who will be resuming the role of this character from here on out, which was originally played by Clare Foley.

Obviously, this is major news for the series, given that Ivy has thus far been portrayed as relatively innocent in the entire time we've come to know her. But now that she's going to be noticeably older, her role on the show will see some growth as well and forced fans to see this newfound character in a different (and more mature) light. However, that doesn't just mean that she'll be changed on a purely physical level. You can also expect to see a shift in her overall personality — starting with the fact that she's going to hold a serious grudge against Selina moving forward.

"She’s obviously aged physically, but she’s also changed on the inside," the actress recently shared with TVLine in an interview. "She definitely has a new confidence to her. The transformation brings out a bit of her manipulative side — and some evil." And considering that she thinks Selena helped throw her under the bus when Fish's goons went after her, she's ready to serve up a pile of sweet revenge upon her former friend. "When Ivy wakes up, she’s pissed," Geha added. "Her only friend in the entire world abandoned her — in her eyes." So, basically, don't expect this Ivy and Selina reunion to be very heartwarming. The claws (or should I say vines?) are about to come out.

Granted, it's understandable for Ivy to be upset. She thinks she was betrayed, and the fact that she pretty much aged overnight is only going to add to all that emotional baggage. She may look like a woman now, but deep down she's still a kid whose been left all alone to fend for herself. Ivy has exactly been around the greatest humans in the world, so can you really blame her for eventually turning to plants for comfort? Get ready to see her take on a whole new meaning for "going green."

Images: Nicole Rivelli/FOX (2)