Could ‘Mad Men’s Second Season 7 Trailer Be Playing A Big Trick On Fans? — VIDEO

The premiere of the seventh and final season of Mad Men is getting closer and closer each day, but because it's never soon enough we keep having to calm our nerves with photos and trailers that, while exciting, don't exactly give much away. AMC released a second Mad Men season seven trailer Wednesday and it's a whole fifteen seconds longer than the first. Woohoo! It also features more than just Don Draper walking down steps in slow motion which is also great news.

That's not to say that the new trailer doesn't have its share of slow motion walking. It starts with Megan exiting a taxi in a very psychedelic-looking dress. For those looking for symbolism: Megan is moving forward into the future while Don, who again appears in a slick suit stepping off of a plane, is stuck in the past. (This is the extent of my season seven theory. This show really gives nothing away before it actually airs.) Peggy, Pete, and Roger are all inside the airport and Betty is shown standing outside smoking a cigarette.

Aside from Sterling, Cooper & Partners' never-ending quest to have an airline account, this might all be meaningless. Hell, that might even be meaningless. The tagline shown at the end of the trailer reads, "It's all up in the air," so this could just be a clever way of saying "You fans have no idea what is going to happen so stop trying."

But what's up with the accompanying music that sounds more appropriate for a Vanderpump Rules ad than a Mad Men preview? The lyrics say, "Gotta get my mind clear/ Got nothing to lose." Don did get asked to take time off at the end of the sixth season. Is he going to clear his mind/conscious/whatever, land a TSA account, and get welcomed back to the agency with open arms? No, that's much too positive for this show. Must. Stop. Analyzing.

Over-thinking or no over-thinking, the trailer is enjoyable. It's basically the gorgeous promo photos in motion. No complaints there.

Image: Frank Ockenfels/ AMC