15 Embroidered Plus Size Pieces For Fall Fatshions

by Gina Jones 2

Autumn is the time of year when we can bust out our favorite fur coats, layer up in our favorite fall fashions, and update our wardrobes to stay on trend. This year, investing in embroidered plus size clothes is a must to keep up with being fashionable for fall 2016. Embroidery is one of the biggest styles for this year's fall and winter wardrobes, so there's no excuses for fashion forward fat people to not hop on this luxurious, heavy-on-the-detail type of look.

Depending on your style, embroidery may seem a hard trend to incorporate into your wardrobe, but with one or two key pieces you can keep ahead of the trend and keep your own sense of style intact. After all, embroidery can be interpreted in a million different ways, and be included in anyone's wardrobe. So if you're an all black everything kind of woman, or if you're just not willing to let go of the comfortable casualness of jeans, you can still hop on board this embroidery trend for the latter half of 2016.

Even if you're still not even entirely convinced that this season of embroidered clothes is for you, this list will change your mind.

1. Embroidered Shirt Collar

Pussy Bow Shirt With Embroidered Collar (Available to Size 24), $46,

This shirt keeps the embroidery to a minimum, which is perfect for those not ready to throw themselves one hundred percent into this trend. It's a nice little detail that makes a plain shirt interesting.

2. Embroidered And Beaded Jacket

Embroidered And Beaded Jacket (Available to Size 20), $28,

A super cute piece that embraces embroidery, beaded and tassels to give an almost vintage vibe to this statement jacket. Wear over plain clothing to keep it simple and chic.

3. Embroidered Bird Jeans

Embroidered Bird Jean (Available to Size 24), $99.90,

The birds on these jeans are a work of art, especially when you consider they're embroidered and not printed. A statement jean isn't exactly common and it will definitely spruce up your wardrobe with only one item of clothing.

4. Mesh Embroidered Skirt

Mesh Embroidered Midi Skirt (Available to 6x), $44.17,

This super sweet skirt proves that you can totally wear white in fall just as much as you would in summer. It's fresh, it's different, and it will keep your look original in a sea of darker autumnal tones.

5. Embroidered Satin Bomber Jacket

NY Embroidered Jacket (Available to 3x), $37.90,

As much as embroidery is on trend this season, so are satin bomber jackets. Get all your fall fashion at once in this chic jacket.

6. Shift Dress

Embroidered Shift Dress (Available to Size 20), $44,

Proof that the embroidery trend doesn't have to be a casual one: This beautiful shift dress in simple in its execution of embroidery, but stunning nonetheless. Dress it up with heels and a duster jacket for a great evening look.

7. Floral Maxi Dress

Floral Maxi Dress In Embroidered Mesh (Available to Size 24), $85,

Anyone who thinks maxi isn't right for autumn hasn't experienced how hot the season can be. This is the ultimate boho dress to embrace for the sunnier days of fall.

8. Embroidered Cami Romper

Embroidered Cami Romper (Available to 3x), $24.90,

This casual cami doesn't go for the traditional floral pattern of embroidery and instead opts for geometric shapes that give the trend a new edge.

9. Black Shift Dress

Embroidered Shift Dress (Available to 6x), $51.37,

This black shift dress carries on its embroidery from the sleeves to the hem, which offsets the black beautifully.

10. Shirt Dress

Embroidered Shirt Dress (Available to Size 20), $40,

Or if you want something a little more casual for your black embroidered dress, this shirt dress from Boohoo is perfect for dressing down this trend.

11. Peacock Dress

Perfect Poise Dress In Peacock (Available to Size 26), $89.99,

The detailing in the embroidery is just astounding and will make your dress the talk of any room. If you want to feel like a princess — an on trend princess — this fall, invest in this dress.

12. Denim Americana Shirt

Denim Americana Shirt With Embroidered Collar (Available to Size 24), $28.50,

For the more butch among us who want to rock this trend, try this cowboy shirt with jeans for a Canadian tuxedo look.

13. Mesh Duster

Embroidered Mesh Duster (Available to 6x), $36.37,

Combine the duster trend with mesh and embroidery to tick all your fashion fall boxes at once. This is one versatile duster that can be more casual (like above) or more dressy, if paired with the right LBD.

14. Embroidered Romper

Plus Size Embroidered Romper (Available to 3x), $27.90,

The contrast of white and black for this romper is simple but effective and will make a great basic piece for anyone's plus size capsule wardrobe.

15. Reversible Bomber Jacket

Embroidered Reversible Bomber Jacket (Available to Size 20), $44,

Part of plus size model Jordyn Woods' Boohoo collection, this bomber jacket is two jackets at once because it's reversible. If that isn't ridiculously cool and a total selling point, what is?

There's something on this list for everyone, no matter what your style or even your interest in keeping up with trends. And if you want to replace every item in your wardrobe for an embroidered counterpart? This list is a goldmine of treasures that you have to buy immediately.

Images: Courtesy Brands