6 Beauty Treatments To Soothe Yourself While Watching The Presidential Debates

We've got a big one tonight. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, 90 minutes of a nail-biting presidential debate are approaching as our country's future hangs in the balance. How to make it more bearable? You can't pretend it doesn't exist — 2016 has proven that much. Instead, load up on soothing beauty treatments to carry you through, indulging in a little good old-fashioned self-care as the world bursts into flames around us.

Ninety minutes may seem like an eternity to watch, in my opinion, one of the most qualified candidates of our time take on a literal cheese puff of a human, but it'll fly by with the right treatment line-up. The main idea here is calming, soothing, and relaxing treatments to fight your hands from curling up into twisted fists as our twenty-first century reproductive and civil rights are gone to battle for. Who can wait?

Here, a mix of my tried-and-true favorite treatments, featuring a combo of store-bought products and things you can grab from your pantry when the going gets rough and you need to do literally anything else while misogynistic jabs and horrible candy metaphors are spouted left and right. No uncertainty for your future here! Soft skin is a sure bet, unlike almost anything else. Of course, ninety minutes breaks down to about six 15-minute treatments, but feel free to pick and choose based on your stress level.

1. A Clearing Face Mask

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD™ Clearing Treatment, $69, Sephora.com

Start off with a clearing mask to rid your pores of filth, oil, and dirt. Such a great feeling of control! This treatment is great for targeting problematic skin when doing the same for discourse is just out of reach. Super satisfyingly, you'll also be able to see all the little dots where gunk has come out of your pores. No dodging here!

2. An Anti-Inflammatory Facial Massage

Facial Massage Jade Roller Beauty Tool, $7.59, MassageSupplies.com

Grab a jade facial roller and go to town on your skin. The roller improves blood circulation and cuts puffiness, creating a lymphatic massage and reducing inflammation. I can't promise it'll make you any less red in the face, but the cooling sensation will try.

3. A Soothing Antibacterial Treatment

EARTH TU FACE Honey + Coconut Mask, $52, Net-a-Porter.com

From there, slather on a soothing honey face mask. You can pay major money for one with extra benefit, or grab a jar of plain, raw Manuka honey from Whole Foods. Sprinkle in some cinnamon according to this recipe, and reap the acne-fighting benefits. Stress flareups, amirite! Not here, but elsewhere.

4. A Fatigue-Friendly Foot Mask

SEPHORA COLLECTION Foot Mask, $5, Sephora.com

Debate somehow still happening? Time for a foot mask. Embrace immobility and really force yourself to confront our reality with these active-ingredient packed masks. The lavender "alleviates fatigue and aching feet with a soothing and refreshing effect thanks to lavender extract and menthol." Dedicated time to protesting for your right to live as a respected human being? This won't help that much, probably, but it'll help a little.

5. A Laughter-Stifling Lip Mask

MISS SPA Deep Wrinkle Hydrogel Lip Treatment, $6.99, Ulta.com

A lip mask veers dangerously close to the voicelessness one of our candidates supports, but only temporarily suspend your right to free speech with a hydrogel treatment. Counterproductive? Not at all. In today's climate, women have to look great to be heard! Roll with the punches, but don't even think about taking a day to recover from illness. Plus, it'll stifle your chuckles — great for convincing anyone you're taking them seriously.

6. Channel The Last Eight Years

Dr. Bronner's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, $11.33, Vitacost.com

That old standby, the coconut oil hair mask. The comforting smell of years gone by will reawaken your memories of a time that wasn't perfect, but at least largely uncatastrophic. How good we had it! Your hair will reap the benefits.

Images: Pexels; Courtesy Brands