8 Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas To Transform Your Home Into A Haunted House

When you are a craft-obsessed lady like myself, this time of the year is extremely inspirational. It all begins with scary Halloween decorating ideas to set the mood. It also doubles as a welcome for the glorious autumn season that we have waited for all summer. Plus, how can you resist the influx of skulls and pumpkins? This holiday is something out of a dream.

If you are not the crafty type, don’t worry. It is possible to be a novice and make something awesome. It comes down to finding beginner-friendly ideas that require little to no special skills. In most cases, there is no right or wrong way to finish a project. The most important part is that you have fun with it.

To get you in the mood for fun Halloween crafting, I rounded up a few of my favorite décor ideas. Each tutorial makes a strong visual impact with simple materials. Many of the projects require supplies that can be purchased on a single trip to the craft store.

For full-fledged fall vibes, consider hosting a Halloween crafting party with your family or girl gang. Serve tasty autumn drinks with your favorite scary movies on repeat. It is the perfect way to make memories during the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Doorbell finger

Spook out visitors with this clever idea by Pretty Prudent. It's a great way to greet trick-or-treaters when they go to ring the doorbell. The use of hot glue makes this project temporary yet sturdy.

2. Bloody Candles

This tortured candle DIY by Family Chic will scare anyone who is easily grossed out by blood. I mean, it could easily pass for something out of a horror movie. The best part is that you can make it under five minutes.

3. Specimen Jars

Squeamish stomachs will shiver at these brilliant specimen jars by Evil Made Scientist. They're made with completely edible foods such as jackfruit, lychee, and bamboo shoots. The key is to choose foods that aren't traditionally used in American cuisine. Appetizers, anyone?

4. Decaying Skull

Made with nothing more than plastic wrap and a novelty skull, the details in this project by Halloween Alliance are super eerie. Try scattering a few around your house for a spooky surprise at every turn.

5. Bloody Hand Print Window Clings

Halloween isn't complete without a heavy dose of fake blood. Dress up your windows and mirrors with these terrifying window clings by Kylyssa Shay at Felt Magnet. The project calls for craft glue, food coloring, and plastic wrap. How's that for budget-friendly?

6. Zombie Head

Lovers of Victorian-inspired horror will swoon over this Halloween decoration by Shaunte at Consumer Crafts. There's just something about the frame that makes me think of empty mansions and dark libraries. Try hanging up a few of these for a ghostly gallery wall.

7. Severed Head

Thanks to Shaunte at Consumer Crafts, you can transform a foam head into decor worthy of gracing a haunted house. I'm especially loving the chilling detail around the eyes.

8. Creepy Silhouettes

Shadows are simple yet frightening. This year, try decorating your home with cardboard silhouettes of your family members. It's cheap, easy to make, and downright scary. Head to Crafter Hours to learn how to make them.

Images: Pretty Prudent; Family Chic; Evil Made Scientist; Halloween Alliance; Kylyssa Shay at Felt Magnet; Shaunte at Consumer Crafts; Shaunte at Consumer Crafts; Crafter Hours