Take A Video Tour Of An ~Abandoned~ Blockbuster

by Dasha Fayvinova

Do you remember a time in history when you had to rent your movies? There was no downloading or streaming to speak of — you had to go into your local Blockbuster and figure it out. Well, for those not "in the know," there is finally a video tour of an abandoned Blockbuster available for your viewing pleasure. You can get a firsthand experience of walking through the store's aisles and seeing the place for yourself. You should definitely watch until the very end of the video for a surprise ending you won't see coming.

In the video, a YouTuber from Texas takes his viewers on an adventure through a local abandoned Blockbuster. The doors are open and the place looks to be untouched by time. Even though digital media basically destroyed physical manufacturing of movie and television products, this Blockbuster was brimming with items of the past. Wall-to-wall DVDs of your favorite movies. Candy still in their wrappers. Video games fit for the taking. I couldn't help but wonder why this place was unlocked and not looted yet. Maybe people from Texas aren't as coldhearted as my New York self can get. I know I'd be grabbing things left and right!

As the video progresses, we see that there are no workers inside to stop the filming. No one is calling the cops for trespassing and not a single human seems to care that a store full of videos is being visited. Watch it for yourself.

I was cracking up every time the person filming pointed out how outdated the store was. It honestly didn't look bad at all! If it was abandoned, it must have happened pretty recently. He kept pointing out the minimal dust and outdated posters. At one point he looked inside of the ice cream freezer and checked the expiration dates. Then things got truly interesting...

Spoiler alert: The person filming finally revealed that the Blockbuster wasn't actually abandoned at all — he was the store's employee the entire time. M. Night Shyamalan might just use this twist as the ending to his next film. It's 2016 and someone is actually working at Blockbuster. Let that sink in.

That's why the doors were open! That was why everything looked relatively well kept! People from Texas aren't nicer than New Yorkers — they just have functioning Blockbuster stores in 2016. Phew! What a relief. Honestly, if you are looking for a laugh, this video is where it's at. Hopefully Blockbuster sees the video and promotes their star employee. He deserves it.

Images: YouTube