James Franco's 'King Cobra' Trailer Is Both Sultry & Creepy — VIDEO

The exuberant and fast-paced trailer for King Cobra, James Franco's new film, is here, and it is a lot like a night out at a crazy club. There's sex in the air, there's a lot of pink lights, somebody's got a camera, and somebody else brought a desire to get into a fight. In fact, if you happen to feel a devastating desire for post-club cheese fries or maybe just a good nap after watching the trailer, don't be surprised. It's all a normal part of the experience. The trailer will have you all sorts of hype for the intense film which was picked up by IFC and will be in theaters and VOD Oct. 21.

This festival fodder (it's been at Tribeca Film Festival, Outfest, and the BFI London Film Festival) is based on the '00s story of the rise of real-life porn star Sean Paul Lockhart AKA Brent Corrigan (Garrett Clayton), the drama between rival gay porn moguls fighting over Corrigan, and... murder! King Cobra is directed by Justin Kelly and details the murder of Bryan Kocis, one of the moguls fighting for Brent's name and contract. In the film version, Bryan is called "Stephen" and played by Christian Slater while James Franco plays "Joe," a guy who is offering to pay Corrigan thousands of dollars to appear in his next flick, and will stop at seemingly nothing to get it.

I'm not sure who is creepier in the trailer — Franco or Slater. Both ooze charm with a hint of heavy line-crossing so perfectly. Lines like, Slater's "Nobody works with Brent. He's mine!" show the kind of thought these men give to their subject. Meanwhile, Franco's character seems pretty ready to whip out his switchblade and murder anyone who stands in the way of "Viper Boys" so he definitely isn't going to win any Miss Congeniality awards. Their downright ickiness is even more noticeable when juxtaposed with the concern and rationality of Molly Ringwald and Alicia Silverstone's characters, who both look lovely and amazing as usual. In related news, can I get a "heck yes" and a several "amens" that we're getting a movie with so many great '80s and '90s stars? Christian Slater? Molly Ringwald? Alicia Silverstone? I never say no to admiring the careers of teen movie greats.


I'm intrigued to see what this true crime/sex drama/thriller has to offer. The trailer gives a perfect taste, and we can only hope King Cobra continues to bring it's A-game when the film is available for the rest of us normals.

Images: IFC (3)