Lea Michele's 'Glee' Spinoff Could Happen, But Here's 5 Better Ideas

Lea Michele really loves Glee — like, REALLY loves it. On Wednesday, the actress and singer appeared on Ellen to promote her new, impressively great album, Louder , but of course she ended up talking about Glee instead. Because again, she loves the show that much more than you do — in fact, Lea Michele wants to be on Glee forever. Maybe those Rachel Berry spin-off rumors are more true than we thought?

We already knew that Michele wanted a Rachel Berry spin-off series, but we didn't know that she'd want to play the character for the rest of her life. That seems a little excessive, right? The star told Degeneres:

I come from Broadway and on Broadway you stay in a show and that's it. You make it your home. So for me, I like the schedule, I like the routine, and I love Ryan [Murphy] and I love Rachel Berry. So I'll be Rachel singing in a senior citizens home for everyone.

I guess that makes sense, but there's a great, big entertainment world out their, girl! And you know you're damn talented, so why would you not want to try new things? Oh, and when she says she loves Ryan Murphy, she really does love him — she'd even work for him for the rest of her life. Michele said on the show:

I literally have said before that I will work for Ryan Murphy for the rest of my life. Unless he wants to put me on American Horror Story, I know what the theme is for next year and I'm in if he'll have me at least maybe for one episode.

This doesn't sound so terrible — if Murphy's going to start doing films and producing Michele's promotional tour for her album. But even so, there are amazing directors out there for her to learn from and honestly, Rachel Berry needs to be put to rest at the end of Season 6. The character's run its course by now, just like Glee. So, since Lea Michele apparently doesn't intend to take any career risks, we've come up with 5 better projects for her than a Glee spin-off series:

A Louder Tour

Her album debuted at number 4 on the Billboard 200 and she has legions of fans from her Rachel Berry days. That girl could for sure sell out a tour for her new album — I mean, look at how well those Glee tours did. And it'd be a nice break for her from her "routine".

Star In Another Film

New Year's Eve was a bust (sorry, everyone) so maybe she's scared to try making a film again. Honestly, Lea, actors and actresses star in flops all the time — look at everyone who signed on for New Year's Eve with you. There's a huge film industry for you to dip your toes in and Glee ending would give you plenty of time to try that out.

Guest Star On Looking

Or any other television show for that matter. Michele expressed interest in appearing on the next season of American Horror Story if Ryan Murphy would have her and we think that's a great idea! A little variety and range never hurt anyone. Also, we'd love to see her reunite on screen with her BFF Jonathan Groff.

Return To Broadway


BUT NOT WITH RYAN MURPHY — seriously, Lea, do NOT do Glee 2.0 and star in Murphy's version of Funny Girl. Do something new. You love singing "Defying Gravity" so much, why not step into your TV-mom's shoes and join Wicked for a limited run? It could be fun and maybe you could hang out with Idina Menzel and be adorable again. You know it'd be awesome.

Become The Face Of "Monday Night Football"

She's definitely a sports girl, so why not? Michele would definitely give Faith Hill a run for her money with her fabulous legs and epic voice. It'd just be a fun side-job that'd get her a whole new demographic of fans. There's no downside to that.

You've got so much going for you, Lea. Put Rachel to bed and go have some fun.