Lea Michele Needs To Think Bigger If She Wants A 'Glee' Spin-Off To Happen

There might still be more to sing about after Glee takes its final bow in 2015. In the latest issue of Seventeen magazine, Glee star and Louder singer Lea Michele says she wants a Glee spin-off series, which further fuels the flames from late 2013, when rumors surfaced that Ryan Murphy was allegedly developing a spin-off series for his golden girl, Rachel Berry. As excited as we are that Michele is in for more Glee, her idea for the new series was shockingly unoriginal. You need to think bigger than NYC and seeing your name in lights, Berry!

Michele's been busy lately — you know, with releasing her first book, Brunette Ambition , on May 15 and her first solo album, Louder, on March 4. There are also those crazy rumors that, since Ryan Murphy's acquired the rights to Funny Girl, Michele may be returning to Broadway where she originally launched her career. Basically, we can understand that she gave such an unimaginative and unexciting answer as to what her Rachel Berry spin-off would be about. She's just too busy to extensively plan out her future, unconfirmed spin-off, ya know? (Even if that's so not Rachel Berry of her.) Here's what Michele told Seventeen about the spin-off rumors:

Let’s do it. I think it could be Rachel living in New York and working on Broadway!

Okay, first, the obvious problem with Michele's suggestion — Rachel is ALREADY living in New York AND she's ALREADY working on Broadway. Well, unless Santana steals her Funny Girl role and she has to move back to Lima since Santana and Kurt kicked her out of their loft. Also, Michele's idea of a what her spin-off should be sounds a hell of lot like the cancelled-too-soon NBC series Smash — and the last thing we want is for Berry to fail miserably.

We're going to need to think bigger here, Berry and Ryan Murphy — much, much bigger. Maybe even something completely unrelated to Broadway for Berry to tackle with her signature sometimes-obnoxious ambition. We know, Broadway is part of the essence of Rachel Berry — she was born to be on a stage and have her talents appreciated by the masses, blah, blah blah — but if we're going to do an entire series about her, we need a lot more.

Image: FOX