Bernie Sanders' Debate Live-Tweets Were Fire

The first presidential debate was held on Monday night at Hofstra University in New York. GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had copious guests in attendance, along with supporters scattered throughout the campus. Those watching at home took to Twitter in a flurry of chatter that saw many Americans choosing the event over a conflicting Monday Night Football match-up. And of course, Bernie Sanders live-tweeted the presidential debate with the type of levity, honesty, and earnestness that has made him the ideal ally for Clinton, after their contentious primary match.

The Vermont senator and former Democratic presidential hopeful had much to say about the first presidential debate topics, including "America's Direction" and "Securing America." Sanders and Clinton are set to hold a rally at the University of New Hampshire just two days following the debate, so undoubtedly some of his tweets will concern the former candidate's push for a debt-free college education as well as other hopeful initiatives that fell under the "Achieve Prosperity" topic.

Many of Sanders' tweets were pointed at the Donald. An hour and a half before moderator Lester Holt had asked for opening statements, Sanders had made his thoughts clear on the importance of tackling policy over, say, the theatrics of a reality show.

Maybe his enthusiasm will convince some Bernie or Busters to get to the polls in November. Those heeding Sanders' words certainly won't be sold on Trump's policies. Sanders' tweet storm came with the force of a man fed up and ready to speak out. In concise detail, Sanders took Trump's business practices and tax policies to task.

Sanders has also provided a bit of fact-checking. During one of the most controversial moments of the debate, Clinton called out Trump for alleging that climate change was a hoax created by China. The Republican nominee interrupted to the contrary, though the Donald had previously tweeted this global warming conspiracy theory, to which Sanders immediately called attention. His former belief in the birther conspiracy didn't fare much better.

With every dubious claim and shoddy business deal called into question by Clinton, Sanders was tweeting right behind her. The former Secretary of State stated she'd met countless workers who weren't properly compensated by Trump, and then followed up with details on the copious lawsuits the real estate magnate has faced from those who he has wronged in business deals.

While Trump tried to contradict Holt regarding stop and frisk as well as the national murder rate, Clinton was going deep into racial injustices and the issues facing the underserved, prompting another rallying tweet from Sanders.

Trump's frequent controversial statements even prompted a bit of fire from Colin Powell, who Sanders took to quoting during yet another heated moment in the debate.

The Donald's assertions against newspapers and online publications, negatively referred to as the mainstream media, were no match against Sanders' scathing tweets.

Sanders tied things up with a solid thesis, harkening back to his previous tweets and effortlessly summing up the debate in 140 characters or less. He followed that up with a vow to stop Trump and a link to register to vote.

#DebateWithBernie may just be the best hashtag of the first presidential debate. If Sanders came to play during the first debate, imagine the fire he'll be tweeting the next go round.