Weezer is Working on Their First Album in 4 Years, & Here's the Clip to Prove It — VIDEO

If you've ever watched your sweater unravel or listened to a redhead describe some girl's cello abilities and thought "Gosh, I wonder what Weezer are up to these days," get ready: For the first time since the release of 2010's Hurley, the answer to that question is "in the studio now" — as proclaimed proudly (in their traditional Century Gothic font, of course) at the end of the 20 second teaser posted to Weezer's YouTube channel earlier this afternoon.

Unfortunately, that's just about all that's certain from the brief, blurry clip: Though the two discernible riffs herein make it seem like they're continuing with their glossier, late-stage sound (think 2009's "Pork 'n' Beans" over, say, 1994's feedback-fuzzed "No One Else"), the track they debuted on The Weezer Cruise last month, appropriately titled "Back to the Shack," would suggest that the band is returning to their more mom's-garage roots. Plus, according to The Alternative Press, Weezer is re-teaming with Cars frontman Ric Ocasek, who produced their two early self-titled outings (their debut "Blue Album" and 2001's "Green Album") — which would suggest some injection of ye olde sensibility. Meanwhile, however, lead singer Rivers Cuomo is working with electropop chanteuse Charli XCX on her new album, too — so who knows where his head's at.

The one thing we can tell for sure: Cuomo has traded in his trademark "I look just like Buddy Holly" horn-rims for — wait for it — white-framed Buddy Holly horn-rims. I know, I know — I gasped aloud.

See what else you can parse, below: