Jokes About Donald Trump's Sniffling Are Karma

The conspiracies about the state of Hillary Clinton's health reached a fever pitch weeks ago, but in the first presidential debate, Donald Trump's incessant sniffling sparked a barrage of jokes about his health on social media, turning the tables on the Republican nominee on Monday.

To recap, rumors about Clinton suffering from some sort of grave ailment or another was initially circulated on the corners of social media primarily occupied by the "alt-right." But as Trump's candidacy has pushed what was once a relatively low-key group that proudly touts its white supremacist ideals into the mainstream, so have their conspiracy theories been given merit. In fact, Clinton's health conspiracies really took off when Fox News' Sean Hannity — who has been documented as explicitly favoring Trump — devoted a whole segment of his show to argue that Clinton suffered from seizures. (However, that her campaign did not disclose that she had pneumonia only fueled the paranoid rumors that she was hiding some terrible disease.)

But karma works in mysterious ways, and when Trump couldn't stop sniffling at the debate on Monday, social media jumped on the many different reasons for it. And, boy, did they have jokes.

So long as Trump continues to encourage lies and conspiracies about his opponents, perhaps the next round of jokes at the second presidential debate should center around demands for his birth certificate. Just a suggestion.