You Need Sigma Beauty's 'On Point' Brushes

by Jessica Thomas

There's nothing beauty product junkies love more than a new product launch, and there's basically nothing that makes your makeup game more on point than having a great collection of brushes. That's why Sigma Beauty's On Point brush collection piqued my interest — it's definitely a game-changer when it comes to the brush world.

The recently launched On Point brush collection is eight brushes that are what Sigma Beauty calls detail-driven. So what exactly does that mean? They're each designed with a unique purpose to have a single use and do the job better than anything out there. For example, the collection includes a bent liner brush that has a thin tip and a bent angle that makes it easy to apply a perfect winged liner without smudging it. Also included is a lash fan that's designed to perfectly apply mascara, and not one but two lip brushes that help you get the perfect lip line for whatever look you're going for.

In other words, if you're a serious beauty aficionado, you definitely need these brushes. And at $98 for eight of them, they won't break the bank. Luckily, you can also buy the brushes individually if you're looking for one with a specific purpose.

Here's what's you're going to get.

Detail Brush Set, $98, S igma Beauty

The brushes are gorgeous, right? This is what each individual brush does.

1. Lash Fan Brush

E04, $15, Sigma Beauty

This brush is designed for "deep and controlled application of mascara," and it looks like it'd definitely do that job.

2. Duo Fibre Blend Brush

E41, $15, Sigma Beauty

This brush's packed bristles are designed to apply eyeshadow in your creases, and it looks like it's going to do an amazing job.

3. Detailed Lip Brush

L04, $15, Sigma Beauty

The detailed lip brush is designed to apply lip color precisely and without smudges.

4. Angled Cream Contour Brush

F61, $20, Sigma Beauty

The angled cream contour brush is a must-have in every beauty junkie's makeup kit, and it looks like it's perfect for precise application.

5. Domed Blend Brush

E43, $17, Sigma Beauty

The domed blend brush "easily darkens the outside corner of any makeup application while simultaneously, softly blending it," according to the company. It's designed to be used with eyeshadow or cream shadow.

6. Precise Lip Line Brush

L06, $15, Sigma Beauty

This super small lip line brush is designed to help create the sharpest lip line possible (and overline your lips if that's something you're into).

7. Cut Crease Brush

E62, $17, Sigma Beauty

This brush pretty much does what the name says — it's designed to make your cut crease super sharp and dramatic looking.

8. Bent Liner Brush

B12, $15, Sigma Beauty

This handy brush is designed to create the perfect sharp eyeliner look, and I love how the bent angle means it helps you avoid smudging.

Although $98 is a little bit much for the entire brush collection, if you're a beauty lover who wants a serious brush collection, this is a great one to start with.

Images: Courtesy of Sigma Beauty