The Pharrell x Adidas Hu NMD Sneakers Are Colorful

When Pharrell does something, he does it big. He's proved it with his hats and music, and now he's back at it with fashion. In case you missed the surprise announcement, Pharrell created a shoe line with Adidas. It's not just any footwear either. The message is big and so are the bold colors in the line. How many different hues do the Pharrell x Adidas Hu NMD shoes come in? Let's just say you have a lot of options.

While normally people are instantly obsessed with the look of footwear, this is much bigger than that. The Hu NMD line, short for "Human," aims to connect people through love, passion, energy, and color, according to Adidas' Instagram. How do they make a shoe connect to everyone? Well, for one they put split sayings on the shoe that everyone can relate to. Another way they did that is through color.

According to the site, there will be five different colors of the Hu NMD shoes. That's a whole lot of options, if you ask me. You'll be able to choose from red, black, blue, yellow, or green starting on Sept. 29. Of course, each one is a bit different. They all have different sayings on them, so you'll have to take that into account when choosing your ideal footwear as well.

Those are some pretty colorful shoes. I guess when your market is the entire world, the best way to do that is through color. The $240 shoes will be launching worldwide, so you should probably act fast if you want to get your hands on them.

By split saying, the company means that each shoe will have two different worlds on them. The blue ones say "human being", while other colors say "hu race" and "human species." All of the color options are currently available to preview on the Adidas site.

That's not all the new Pharrell x Adidas line has to offer either. The collaboration includes clothing as well. The items stick to the sane five-color theme and aims to appeal to the entire world.

The entire line all together ranges from $70 to $750. While the clothing has a broad price range, the shoes are all $240. No matter what color you decide on, you can't go wrong with the worldly message and awesome style.

I'd head over to the Adidas site and do some browsing. Something tells me that these styles won't be around for long. There's no world on whether this is a limited-edition collection, so mark those calendars, people!

Images: adidasoriginals/Instagram