Photos Of Prince William & Kate Middleton's Canada Tour Show They're Having The Absolute Best Time

I have been shipping Prince William and Kate Middleton for most of my teen and adult life. They just have that “it” thing that all epic couples have that others strive to replicate but just can’t. The two have an undeniable chemistry and loving rapport that makes even their most mundane outings together seem fun. That said, when they get to go on more exciting excursions, its no wonder that the two positively light up. Case in point, Prince William and Kate look like they’re having the best time on their Canada tour, if the pictures of their trip thus far are any indication.

While Prince George may have been slightly skeptical of Canada upon arrival, it’s obvious that his parents were pumped for the trip from the start. From the time they go there, the two have been grinning from ear to ear and have been more than happily engaged with every person they meet. It’s a different glimpse into the lives of the royal couple who can sometimes be understandably reserved. This Canada trip has simply proven the demure and professional duke and duchess know how to have fun, too — and the pictures of their trip that have come out so far prove it.

1. When The Royal Couple Looked Like They Were Strutting Down A Runway

Actually, they just got off a plane so they kinda were... Well, you know what I mean.

2. When Prince William Raced Against Falling Raindrops, Part 1

To be fair, though he's obviously skittish over getting wet, he was all smiles as he ran for cover.

3. When Prince William Raced Against Falling Raindrops, Part 2

Exhibit B.

4. When Prince William Raced Against Falling Raindrops, Part 3

He made it! Huzzah!

5. When Kate Was Cracking Up

It's so nice to see the royals relaxed and enjoying themselves.

6. Seriously Though, Let Us In On The Joke

I'm waiting, Kate.

7. When Kate Was Just As Excited To Meet The Crowd As They Were To Meet Her

This could have potentially been overwhelming, but Kate looks like she totally embraced the happy chaos.

8. When The Duchess And Prime Minister Became Total Besties

Do you think Justin Trudeau made her a friendship bracelet? Because I like to think he did.

9. And When Kate Made Friends With This Little Cutie, Too

Who wouldn't be joyful in her presence?

10. When Prince William Whispered Sweet Nothings To Kate

Their romance is still thriving.

11. When William Was Adorably Amused By His Kids' Reactions To Landing On Canadian Soil

Fans aren't the only ones obsessed with the royal babies' theatrics.

12. When The Royal Couple Took A Hike And Were Clearly Impressed By The Scenery

Same, though.

13. When Prince William Was Apparently Serving Jokes

Looks like Trudeau has two new besties.

14. When William Wanted To Make Sure Prince George Got The Most Out Of His Canada Visit, Too

I'm sure he came around eventually.

15. When They Were Totally Chipper Despite The Weather


For real, these two should appear on a Canadian travel brochure. They're making the country look more enticing than ever to visit.