Why Rob Kardashian Leaked Kylie Jenner's Number Isn't Reason Enough To Do Something That Invasive

*Cracks knuckles* *Stretches* *Meditates for a brief moment* OK. Let's do this. My first order of business? Recapping the latest Kardashian drama. For those of you who didn't know, Rob Kardashian took to Twitter Monday night to air his grievances over his family excluding Blac Chyna from a baby shower they threw for him. He didn't stop there, though. In addition to airing the family's dirty laundry, Kardashian tweeted his sister Kylie Jenner's phone number. Which brings me to my second order of business: proclaiming that this particular punishment doesn't fit the crime. Kardashian leaking Jenner's phone number is invasive, almost unforgivably so, no matter who was left out of his baby shower festivities.

Bustle has reached out to a rep for the Kardashian-Jenner family for comment on the situation, but has not yet received a response.

I'm not saying that Jenner — and whoever else she was, allegedly, in cahoots with — is given a "get out of jail free" card. I think we can all agree that Kardashian has a right to be pretty damn pissed off if his family really didn't invite his fiancée to a baby shower they through for the baby she is having. That would be petty and only drive a wedge further between them, regardless of whether the family thinks Chyna and Kardashian are right together or not. (That said, TMZ is reporting that sources claim Jenner and the family only threw a separate party because Chyna and Kardashian hadn't been speaking and that Chyna was down with separate parties, so it's hard to know exactly what's going on here. Bustle reached out to reps for Kardashian and Chyna about this report, but has not yet received a response.)

Where I dissent from supporting Kardashian's tactics, though, is how he went about being snubbed. I have siblings. We fight. Sometimes we do and say things to one another that are cause for great upset. But never would I ever put my siblings in such a vulnerable position. It's inexcusable, especially because he's painfully aware of her mega fame and what kind of harassment she could be exposed to with her number given to the public.

And let's not forget about the age difference between the expectant father and his teenage sister. There are 10 long years of supposed maturity that 29-year-old Kardashian has over 19-year-old Jenner. As someone who has a brother 12 years younger than her, I think that should have been the first thing he took into consideration. The makeup mogul may not be a child, but she certainly is young and her transgressions shouldn't be fought with an "eye for an eye" mentality by someone who is supposed to be wiser. Besides, this isn't even an "eye for an eye" situation. It's like an eye for a paper cut. Hurt feelings aren't a license to subject the offending party to potentially dangerous consequences.

I understand Kardashian's bubbling over frustration, but I also can't excuse his loose cannon behavior. He could have handled this so differently. Like, a stern talking to or the cold shoulder probably would have sufficed. How about just not showing up to the baby shower? Maybe even a tweet rant, sans the leaking of phone numbers, would have also been acceptable in this case — though I personally tend to shy away from personal matters on social media. The point is, for someone who has quite clearly valued his privacy above all else over the past few years, leaking his own sister's confidential information is the ultimate affront.