Katy Perry Is Officially The Queen Of Twitter

Step aside, Justin Bieber — another pop star has officially taken over the role of Twitter's most-followed person. The social media site announced on Friday morning that Katy Perry has reached 90 million followers and quipped that "a really big dance floor" will be needed to accommodate the singer's massive fan base. (And to think, I was excited when I hit 500 followers.) Perry's Twitter milestone means Bieber is now in second place (don't worry, Justin, we still love you) and Taylor Swift is in third. As the most-followed person on Twitter, Katy Perry makes good use of her massive social media reach by tweeting about important issues such as the 2016 election, LGBT rights, and education.

Because so many people are reading Perry's tweets (many of whom are young fans who undoubtedly look up to her), it's inspiring to see her focus on all the important things happening in the world today. And, while it's easy enough to compose a 140 character tweet, Perry practices what she preaches. She actively campaigns for Hillary Clinton and recently traveled to Vietnam as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to meet with the children and families impacted by the country's widespread poverty. In fact, she recently received the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award from UNICEF for her hard work and impact as an Ambassador.

Here are some examples of Perry sharing important messages to her 90 million followers.

The Importance Of UNICEF's Work

Perry is a huge advocate for this organization.

How To Help Schools In Need

Children's education is so important.

Supporting The LGBT Community

Perry frequently stands up for LGBT rights.

Taking A Stand On Gun Laws

She's not afraid to share her opinion here, either.

Emphasizing The Importance Of Voting In This Historic Election

She knows everyone should vote.

Providing Lifestyle Inspiration

Congrats to Katy Perry on her Twitter milestone — and props to her for using her platform for a great cause and, more importantly, going out there and dedicating her time to making a difference through philanthropy and volunteer work.