The Pharrell x Adidas HU NMD Line Will Cost You

Stop what you're doing, because a new fashion line is here. Pharrell is back at it again, and this time he's teamed up with Adidas. The two have created a clothing and footwear line that aims to unite the entire world. Honestly, you should expect nothing less from the star. How much is the Pharrell x Adidas Hu NMD line, you ask? Just like the global reach, there's a price point for everyone.

What started with a bright yellow sneaker reading "human race" has now taken off to include much more. Pharrell teamed up with Adidas to create a line filled with everything leggings and zip-ups to five different colorful shoes. This isn't your typical line though. The collab isn't aiming for one specific demographic. According to Adidas' Instagram, they're aiming to unite the entire world.

The worldwide launch will include footwear in five different colors with different split sayings on them. Those will cost you $240 each. The clothing is where it gets a little pricier. On the more affordable side, you have shorts, sweatpants, and tanks that stick between $70 and $140. Where it gets a little high-end in pricing is with the jackets, which range between $270 to $750. Considering it's launching worldwide, the price reflects the broad range of customers.

The line goes on sale worldwide on the Adidas site on Sept. 29. I'd mark your calendars, because something tells me these items will fly off the shelves. There's no word yet on whether this will be a limited edition collection. That means that this could be your only shot to shop the line.

Thankfully, the company has put up a preview of some of the pieces, so you can decide ahead of time which pieces are for you. Here are some of the standout items in the line to get an idea of what to expect.

1. Sharp Blue Shoes

Pharrell Williams Hu Race NMD Shoes in Sharp Blue, $240,

The shoes are a big hit with the line. The price is right smack dab in the middle of the items too.

2. Crew Neck

Pharrell Williams Hu Race Sweatshirt, $140,

The clothing is all fashionable team gear, but this time you're rooting for the human race.

3. Tank Top

Pharrell Williams Hu Race Tank Top, $70,

The tank tops represent the entire world as well.

4. Green Sneakers

Pharrell Williams Hu Race NMD Sneakers in Green, $240,

The clothing sticks to red and blue, but the shoes have a whole range of bright colors.

5. Windbreaker

Pharrell Williams Hu Race Windbreaker, $280,

No better way to unite the world than through a windbreaker.

6. Sports Bra

Pharrell Williams Hu Race Sports Bra, $80,

This is just as much a fashion item as it is a sportswear piece.

7. Scarlet Shoes

Pharrell Williams Hu Race NMD Shoes in Scarlet, $240,

Match the pop of red in the outfits with shoes in the same shade.

You can't go wrong with any of these items, in my opinion.

Images: adidasoriginal/Instagram (1), adidas (7)