Candace Cameron & Danica McKeller Started ‘DWTS’ Rivalry in Unbelievable '90s Movie— VIDEO

90s nostalgia enthusiasts, we've got a video for you! Actually, if you're really into 90s television, you might want to avoid this video because it will make your head explode. Candace Cameron and Danica McKeller costarred in a made-for-TV movie AND it involved dancing AND Jaleel White (aka Steve Urkel aka Stefan Urquelle) AND Jennifer Aniston. What is this beautiful nonsense?!

It's Camp Cucamonga and it is particularly significant now because Cameron and McKeller are competing against each other on the new season of Dancing with the Stars. The Interwebz has been trying to make this Full House versus The Wonder Years rivalry happen ever since the DWTS cast was announced, but this whole time Camp Cucamonga has existed and given definitive proof of which 90s teen star will come out on top.

At the beginning of a nine-minute clip taken from the movie, Cameron is attempting to learn a dance from some dude wearing a too-big purple shirt and striped shorts but she sucks even though all she has to do is jump and bend her leg. McKeller is called up to help her while Cameron whines, "I can't do it!" The other two look at her like, "What the eff is wrong with this girl?"

Then McKeller is told to replace Cameron who can "help the guys with the rap" instead. She's really disappointed because McKeller is so much better at dancing than her and gets all the attention. Um... hello! Have we figured out yet that McKeller is going to kick Cameron's ass on DWTS?

Later it's discovered that McKeller writes letters to herself and this, I think, is supposed to show that she's is relatable and has flaws like everyone else.

The psychology behind the plot of Camp Cucamonga doesn't matter though because Jaleel White raps about summer camp to the beat of Young MC's "Bust a Move," Jennifer Aniston wears a swimsuit inappropriate for a children's summer camp but great for her budding acting career, and DJ gets super jealous of Winnie again because she's excellent at everything.

Poor DJ. Hopefully, Candace Cameron is now fueled by her character's failures in Camp Cucamonga and is putting in hours of extra training to win Dancing with the Stars. Otherwise, I think this 24-year-old movie makes it very clear what's going to happen.

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