16 Mona Vanderwaal One-Liners That 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Can Use To Destroy Their Enemies

Since fans of Pretty Little Liars have to wait until Spring 2017 to watch the final 10 episodes of the show, it's the perfect moment to be exploring all the theories about who A.D. might be. Since the show started, Mona Vanderwaal, played by Janel Parrish, has never been boring. In fact, her ever-changing loyalties, her ability to morph into A seamlessly, and her abrasive attitude have helped to make her one of the most memorable characters on television. Which is why I've compiled a list of Pretty Little Liars Mona one-liners you can use to destroy your enemies, because she never fails to be both brutal and hilarious.

Mona has been A before, and, in many ways, I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be A.D. when the series ends. I've grown increasingly suspicious of the character's close relationship with Caleb, close to the point where they were preparing each other's coffee in the mid-season finale. Basically, I don't trust Mona at all, which is why she's so incredible to watch. The former Radley resident is always engaging, consistently sarcastic, and regularly has the upper hand on just about everyone. Mona's one-liners are guaranteed to win you any argument, and here are just a few of the best.

1. The Vanity Insult

Nothing hurts quite like an off the cuff remark about a person's appearance, particularly when it's something you can never change, like, in Aria's case, her height. While I don't condone Mona's bullying techniques, this is evidence of her ability to undercut any situation really quickly, throwing her opponent off balance.

2. Using The Past Against Someone

Comparing someone to their past self can be brutal, especially when you're implying they've degenerated.

3. Sarcasm As A Weapon

Mona has a talent for sarcasm, and she seems to relish the word pathetic. As should you.

4. When Your Snark Is Effortless

She makes it sound like a casual suggestion.

5. Using Words Like Cray Cray As Insults

"Cray cray" might not seem like the most serious of insults, but it's casual usage is what cuts to the core.

6. No One Like To Hear They're A Bad Kisser

Most of us wouldn't have the guts to tell someone they were terrible at kissing, which is why I respect Mona for saying this — even if it makes her a little mean.

7. Highlighting The Importance Of Fashion

As a person who loves fashion, Mona knows how to insult a person's outfit in the best way.

8. Delivering Sentences With Snark

Delivery is everything, and a subtle face scrunch, or a truly dry sounding sarcastic tone, is everything.

9. A Promise Followed By A Threat

If I've learnt anything from Mona, it's that loyalty should always be questioned.

10. Calling Someone A Socio

Socio is the subtle form of psycho.

11. Complimenting Herself While Delivering An Insult

I wouldn't like to be the beast in this scenario. Only a pro can compliment themselves while delivering an insult like this.

12. A Well-Timed, Blood-Curdling Scream

Who needs words when you can pounce?

13. You're Dismissed

Sometimes, the simplest insults are the factual ones.

14. Pointing Out Your Own Evolution

Mona likes to draw attention to her own successes as a way of delivering a super subtle insult about the other person.

15. Refusing To Be Put Down

Mona won't stand for being treated like an idiot, and her strength makes her enemies quake. I need to be more like her.

16. Delivering Gift Shade

If she doesn't like your gift, she's taking it back for store credit. There's no sugar-coating it.

Mona Vanderwaal is my hero, and her one-liners are a way of life.

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