Twitter Reactions To Kylie Cosmetics' $5 International Shipping Prove The World Is Ready To Shop

If you thought you were finished spending money at Kylie Cosmetics, you can go ahead and think again. Because now Kylie Jenner’s gone and lowered the cost for international shipping! There’s no way you’re going to want to miss the chance to shop while only having to pay a flat rate of $5 to have it arrive at your door. These Twitter reactions to the Kylie Cosmetics international shipping promo prove that people are more than ready to take advantage of this offer.

According to an email sent out by Kylie Cosmetics, customers who live abroad will be able to score $5 shipping, no matter how large the order, no matter where it’s shipping to. Now, if that doesn’t sound like an absolute dream come true, then I don’t know what does! However, the offer will only last for 48 hours starting Sept. 28 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. You better act quickly to get your hands on basically every Kylie Cosmetics item you’ve ever wanted to order.

Products are going to sell out left and right, so you better go in with a shopping game plan to make sure you get everything on your must-have list. Because these tweets prove that most of the world will be logging on to the brand’s website to shop.

Considering international shipping is normally $14.95 for the brand, this is quite the discount.

1. Hallelujah

This is truly a moment to be celebrated.

2. Happy Tears

The whole world's crying happy tears right now.

3. Indescribable Feeling

There's just an overwhelming sense of joy upon hearing this news, you know?

4. Broke

Get ready to spend all of your money.

5. Splurge Time

Because really. How could you resist?

6. Pay Day

The timing couldn't be better!

7. All Praise Kylie

People just can't thank her enough!

8. Dangerous Territory

Warning: this could hurt some people's bank accounts.

9. Banned

Sorry, Germany.

10. Bye, Bye Bank

Savings accounts all over the world are about to be depleted.

11. Shocked

This is a huge surprise. But, I mean, it's the best surprise ever.

12. When All The Money's Gone

Time to start asking for early holiday gifts!

13. Is It True?

Better pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming.

14. Don't Stop

Don't take my money! Nevermind, you can have it!

15. Going In

Who's ready to go in on the Kylie Cosmetics website? People all across the globe, that's who!