How Long Does Kylie Cosmetics' $5 International Shipping Deal Last? Act Quick, Fans

Kylie Jenner loves her fans. It's hard to deny that the newly minted cosmetics mogul pays attention to what her fans want and need. Now, Kylie Cosmetics $5 international shipping deal is fulfilling one of fans' long-held desires for the brand. Like the recent US-based free shipping deal, this offer is for a very limited time so fans who want to take advantage of the shipping deal need to act quickly.

It's definitely a good time to take advantage, too, because many of Jenner's staple products are still available on her website. From matte lip kits to singles to Kyshadow, Jenner's most sought after products are up for grabs, and now fans around the world can get them with a killer deal on shipping.

The $5 shipping cost will last for only 48 hours starting Wednesday, Sept. 28. For two glorious days, fans outside of the US can get their lip kits without paying $14.95 just for shipping.

Considering that international fans were left out of the free shipping craze that just went down over at Kylie Cosmetics recently, they total deserve some of the love, and Jenner is giving it to them. The international $5 cost is a bargain next to their typical cost, and it's also still cheaper than everyday shipping for US residents.

While some stateside fans were bummed that they weren't included in the promo, the international consumer deserves a deal, and judging from tweets about the deal, they're super pumped.

Fans clearly need to act fast, though. With only a two day window to take advantage of $5 Kylie Cosmetics international shipping, I'd bet items will definitely start selling out fast. Hey, maybe this is all just prep for a new product launch? Clear stock before a new item?

Regardless of whether or not the shipping deal is a sign of more surprises to come, it's definitely an exciting development for international fans. She loves you, fans. She really loves you.