Where To Buy Beautyblender’s pro.on.the.go If You Want To Stock Up On Makeup Sponges

If you've been patiently waiting to get a beautyblender to try, don't worry because the beautyblender pro.on.the.go pack is back in stock, and you can order it right now. Instead of ordering individual beautyblenders, you can get a limited-edition pack of a set of beautyblenders, and it's only available at certain stores online.

You do have to replace beauty sponges often, so it would make sense to buy the pro.on.the.go pack to stock up. There's definitely a right and a wrong way to use a beautyblender, so before you order, make sure you learn how to use it properly.

To use the beautyblenders in the pack, you should run it under water, squeeze it out, and then make sure the foundation sits on the top of the sponge. It's important to wet the sponge first because that lets the beautyblender expand to double its size in order to get more foundation on your face and not in the sponge. Then, all you have to do is press your makeup evenly into and across your face.

Right now the beautyblender is only available on a few websites for a limited time. You can get the beautyblender pro.on.the.go pack right now at Beautylish, Amazon, and DermStore for $40.

The beautyblender pro.on.the.go kit includes the beautyblender original, the beautyblender micro.mini pro, the blotterazzi pro, and the black mini blender cleanser solid pro. They each provide a different function for your foundation.

While you do have a lot of options for where you can purchase the kit, make sure to act quick before it sells out.

Images: beautylist/Instagram; Courtesy of Beautylish