'Dancing With The Stars' Shows The Judge's Dance Commentary & It's So Helpful To Understanding Scoring

After every dance on Dancing With The Stars, the judges are able to give a little gist about what they thought of the dance and then give a score — they can’t go on and on, even though Bruno Tonioli would definitely like to. It’s a timed show! They have two hours and they can’t go over. But the first half of the elimination shows are basically recaps of the Dancing With The Stars dancing shows, and they give some important insight to what the judges are thinking during the dance. It’s so helpful that I wish I could see this every episode.

If you’re not a professional dancer, it’s hard to see why the judges give the scores they do. I am an awful dancer, so anytime anyone looks like they know what he or she is doing out there on the Dancing With The Stars dance floor, I give them at least an eight. But listening to the judges more in-depth comments, I know that he should have pointed his toe there or she needs to hold her chin up more when she’s doing a tango. The scores from Dancing With The Stars are part entertainment, but they’re also part technical skills, and those are just as important.

Something I also learned? Julianne Hough and Bruno love to gab while they’re watching the dances. They gossip a little bit, and it’s really fun to watch. I love a good commentary from the peanut gallery, especially a peanut gallery who knows what they’re looking for (and are mad when dancers do lifts in the tango, because there are no lifts in a tango). I think having the judges do more commentary would be a benefit to helping non-dancers like me understand the world of dance.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC