'The Voice' Contestant Gabriel Violett Has The Coolest Job The Show Has Ever Seen

He's one of a kind. Gabriel Violett wowed The Voice coaches during the Blind Auditions, earning himself a two-chair turn from coaches Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton. The 28-year-old's performance of "Treat You Better" had Blake thinking his voice had gone through auto-tune—he was that good. Ultimately, Violett chose to join Team Alicia. While I'm excited to see this pair collaborate, there's one fact from Violett's introduction that I just can't get over—his job. Violett has the one job you never knew you wanted. He's a onesie tester.

Yes, you read that right. Violett is a onesie tester. He gets paid to try on onesie's all day. Why he would ever want to leave the cozy life for a career in music I do not know. Well, I do. But still, talk about the coolest job EVER. This may just beat all those crazy job descriptions we're used to reading on The Bachelor . I mean, he's a onesie tester! While this job seemingly has nothing to do with his pursuit of a career in music, it tells us a lot more about Violett than you'd think.

Though I've never been a onesie tester myself, one can assume that it takes quite a bit of confidence. You know what else takes a lot of confidence? Performing on stage in front of millions of people. Violett will be able to use this confidence to get him through his future performances on The Voice. His confidence will empower him to put his nerves aside and leave it all on the stage during every performance. Aside from confidence, Violett's career in the onesie industry also proves that he has a lot of personality. Not just anyone can put on a dinosaur onesie and rock it the way he does. This personality will shine through Violett's vocals and take his performances to the next level. Between his confidence, personality and vocal talent, Violett will become a fan favorite in no time. And with Alicia on his side, there's no telling just how far this onesie-wearing wonder may go.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC