Where To Buy Sarah Jessica Parker's Dress Collection Because You Can Never Have Too Many LBDS — VIDEO

Sex and the City's fictional fashionista Carrie Bradshaw had an adventurous sense of style. Therefore, she might find a collection of LBDs too "safe" or even boring. Her portrayer Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a dress collection, comprised solely of LBDs aka little black dresses. SJP is always quick to remind devotees of the now-defunct HBO series that she and Carrie are not one and the same. While SJP's successful shoe line certainly reminded fans of her work as C. Bradshaw, since her alter ego was obsessed with footwear, the dress collection, dubbed "SJP LBD," will excite fans who prefer Parker's personal style and who are ISO this wardrobe essential. Parker designed the LBDs herself and the first one will debut in October. Where can you buy Sarah Jessica Parker's LBD collection?

SJP LBD will be available via a familiar retailer — the dresses will be sold exclusively at Bloomingdale's at first. SJP posted Instagram videos while wearing one of the LBDs in her line but she stopped short of sharing the exact date of the launch or the cost of the pieces.

Bustle reached out to Bloomingdale's PR to inquire about further specifics, from pricing to release date to how the dresses will roll out. We will let you know if and when we hear back.

Parker twirled her way through a revolving door while wearing one of her designs. This frock is insanely ladylike but it also has a fun vibe. While the Divorce actor stated that she has been wearing this dress for a while, she kept further details to herself, since she wants the first dress to be a surprise.

This screenshot from the Insta video shows off the subtle '50s inspo of this dress. It's just darling.

The caption also revealed that the Parker-designed frocks were made in the U.S. SJP revealed that the first silhouette will be a surprise and is coming in October. It's not 100 percent clear if just the first dress or all of the dresses will be available exclusively via Bloomingdale's or if they will land at other retailers in the future. SJP did clarify that more designs will follow the first, including the one in the video. So this Insta-worn dress won't be first to go on sale, even though it was the first one we've seen.

SJP appears to have worn the same SJP LBD in this video posted on her Insta two weeks ago. Did you notice the same cut, twirl, and back details?

It has pockets. This dress keeps getting better and better and it's only one of many SJP LBDs. Woo!

The official SJP Collection Instagram will be your source of info for all things SJP LBD. But you should certainly start planning to shop the LBDs at Bloomingdale's.

Images: Sarah Jessica Parker/Instagram (2)