What Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" Might Look Like For Real People — VIDEO

"I been dranking, I been dranking." Damn straight you have, Beyonce, but there's something you've left out in your hit ode to drunken funtimes: No one else in this world is Beyonce. In other words: The aspirational sex and glamor of Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" is great and all, but it ain't the truth. But hey, that's what we have parodies for.

"I get filthy when that liquor get into me" might mean one thing when you're Beyonce — presumably hot sex with Jay Z in lingerie that costs more than the average American's car, maybe with some gold-plated sex toys — but it rings slightly differently for those of us who don't reside on Olympus.

Like, there might be some mackin', but there also might be some vomiting, or some drunken crying in the bathroom, 'cause it's not a Saturday night til it gets real sloppy in a place that could give you hepatitis.

We love us the highfalutin lifestyle of Beyonce and Jay Z , don't get us wrong — but there's something sweetly resonant about this parody's depiction of what a more relatively down to Earth (read: realistic) drunk love looks like, from the fights to the giving up and passing out next to each other.

Image: Funny Or Die