How To Make Vampire Fangs Out Of Press-On Nails — PHOTOS

If you like the idea of being able to achieve an entire Halloween costume with products you already own, dressing up as a vampire is a solid option. The only thing you may be missing is a pair of fangs. But if you're not up for tracking down a realistic pair of vampire fangs, you can easily DIY your own. And making a custom pair is actually easier than you may think.

In fact, there are only four things you'll need to DIY vampire fangs: A set of plain, press-on nails; denture adhesive like Poligrip; nail clippers; and an emory board. While securing artificial nails to your teeth may not be as secure and long-wearing as some other custom-fang options, this approach will allow you to create as many pairs of fangs as you may want on a budget. Of course, this style of vampire fangs may not hold up all day and all night before the adhesive wears off, but you should be set for an hour or two of wear. Just remember to sip any drinks from a straw to prevent the adhesive from breaking down prematurely. So you can have a totally custom fit, here's how to easily DIY your own vampire fangs:

Step 1: Find The Right Size

Start by holding different nail sizes to your canines to see which best fits. Once you have the nails that comfortably cover your teeth, it's time to shape them.

Step 2: File The Points

Use a combination of nail clippers and an emory board to cut and file the tips of your nails into pointy, vampire fangs. File the sides that face your front teeth at a steeper angle. Because this is the side of the fangs that are most visible, this is the side that needs to look extra sharp.

Step 3: Add The Grip

Squeeze a dab of denture adhesive on the back of your "fang." Be careful not to apply too much, as it will spread out when you push the nail against your tooth.

Step 4: Attach Your Tooth

Before attaching your fake tooth, make sure to dry off your real tooth with a napkin as this will help make sure your fang sticks. Then, simply press the nail against your tooth, and hold it there for about a minute or until the adhesive sets. It may not stick securely the first time, so if the fang falls off when you let go, simply add a bit more adhesive and repeat the process. Try to keep the area as dry as possible while you wait for the adhesive to set.

Step 5: Repeat On The Other Side

Then, simply repeat on the other side. Finally, finish off your look with a red lip (you can even dab some red gloss on the tips of your fangs for a bloody effect), and it's time to hunt for your prey.

Happy Halloween.

Images: Miki Hayes (7)