When Is The Ivy Park Fall 2016 Collection Available? Get Your Credit Cards Ready — PHOTOS

Bow down, b*tches: For those of us who have been holding our breath for the last six months wondering when the Ivy Park Fall collection comes out, the wait is finally over. Queen Bey officially launched her fall line on Wednesday, so you now have a whole new round of Beyoncé approved apparel to make you look like the queen of the gym.

The new collection is just as young and cool looking as the original was, but this season there are darker colors and asymmetric cuts that work for fall. Plus, there is now a long sleeved body suit that you are going to want to wear pretty much everywhere you go, all season long. The pieces are versatile enough that you'll want to wear them from the gym straight out to the club (and if you get home late and fall asleep in them, you can wear them back to the gym again!).

Ivy Park is on sale now in store and online at Topshop, Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter. Prices range from $20 for a headband to $265 for a denim jumpsuit (not sure how that would work on the treadmill, but it's still pretty damn chic). I have a feeling these pieces will sell out fast, so you better get clicking before it's too late.

The collection brings cool cutouts and camouflage details that will help add an edgier look to your typical yoga studio vibes.

Plus, the pieces are all specially formulated to breathe through even the sweatiest of sweat sessions.

And when you're done with your workout, all you need to do is throw on one of the super-chic Ivy Park jackets, and you're ready to hit the streets.

Once again, Beyoncé crushed it. Is there anything she can't do perfectly?

Let's all say it together now: Beyoncé for President!

Images: Ivy Park