How To Wear A Crop Top Like Kendall Jenner, In Case You Needed Some Fall Outfit Inspiration

Kendall Jenner is officially winning the fight for boob freedom. From showing off her nipple ring in sheer shirts to rocking barely-there bralettes on and off the runway, we've seen about as much of her boobs recently as we have of our own. On Monday, she found a new way to take her #freethenipple movement to the next level and accidentally start a new trend: The underboob bearing, long-sleeved Kendall Jenner crop top.

Jenner hit the re-vamped version of TRL on Monday afternoon to talk about voter registration wearing a super short black and white striped cropped sweater. She Snapchatted a (kind of risqué) picture of of herself in the top, claiming "Underboob is my thing."

The model is no stranger to the ultra-cropped look, considering we've seen her in barely-there tops on the runway, red carpet, and Rodeo drive. She wears them with confidence and an IDGAF attitude, and makes each and every style her own — including those that seriously show some skin.

She paired the stomach-baring sweater with a pair of flared, high waisted jeans and chunky black ankle boots, and topped the look off with her usual black choker and red lipstick, and the whole look ended up effortlessly cool (as always).

With her TRL look, Jenner proved that you can pull of a crop top during the day by keeping her denim baggy and her accessories chunky, and that it doesn't necessarily have to look like you're showing off a crazy amount of skin — just opt for long sleeves and thick fabric! It's the perfect way to continue wearing crop tops into the colder months.

Ready to try the look for yourself? Here are five long sleeve, super short crop sweaters to steal Kendall Jenner's TRL style, IRL.

1. Sparkle And Shine

Shiny Cropped Sweater, $49.90,

This top will let you shimmer while you show off your stomach.

2. Dancing Diva

Plus Sized Surplice Top, $12.90,

This light pink, dancer-style crop top is giving serious ballerina vibes.

3. Bold Black

Ragged Priest Ease Tank Top, $48,

After all, everyone needs a plain black, all-season crop top in their wardrobe. It goes with literally everything.

4. Easy and Effortless

Me and You Cropped Sweater, $27.48,

This sweater is perfect for lounging around in sweats, or wearing out with a pair of high waisted jeans.

5. Comfy And Cropped

Wouldn't Knit Be Nice Sweater In Teal, $49.99,

Who would have thought a croptop could look so cozy?!

Images: KendallJenner/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands