This Pumpkin Spice Nail Tutorial Shows That Our Obsession Has Officially Gone Too Far — VIDEO

Although "fall" hasn't technically been officially renamed "pumpkin spice season," it may have well been. It seems that every passing autumn, the PS trend becomes more and more of a staple of this time of year, the same way apple picking and Halloween costumes have been. First, we had the Starbucks lattes, then the creepy orange PSL-flavored Oreos, then there were even pumpkin spice french fries (ew). Just when you though things had gone too far (and trust me, they had), one Instagrammer decided to take things to a whole new level: With pumpkin spice nail art.

Yup, you read that right. You can now put pumpkin spice on your nails. Nail artist @twi_star took to her Instagram account last week to teach the Internet how to use literal pumpkin spice (the stuff that comes in a jar) to get what can best be described as a scratch-and-sniff manicure.

If you truly are so obsessed with PSL's that you want to smell them all day on your nails, the process is actually shockingly easy. All you need to do is paint your nail orange (@twi_star recommends OPI's "It's a Piazza Cake"), cover it with a lot of top coat, and while your nail is still wet use a paintbrush to apply the spice powder. As ridiculous as it is, at least you don't need a steady hand!

Thankfully, even the nail artist herself recognizes how insane this sort of manicure is, and says in the caption of the video "‼️‼️‼️A lot of you are missing the joke, this "mani" is to point out how silly the whole pumpkin spice thing has become. Ya know, sarcasm?"

If you do want to copy the look, here's what you need:

OPI Nail Lacquer in "It's A Piazza Cake," $10,

... Maybe don't go all out with the pumpkin spice powder, and just let the chic orange color speak for itself. It really is a great shade for fall!

Thankfully, the Internet has spoken, and largely agrees that pumpkin spice is a product best left for lattes.

Images: twi_star/YouTube