'You're The Worst' Season 4 Is Definitely Happening & This News Is Certainly Not The Worst

Out of all the antihero characters on television at the moment — and trust me, in this post-Breaking Bad world, there are a lot — the two that I would want to hang out with the most are Gretchen and Jimmy from FXX's You're The Worst. Set in Los Angeles (well, a version of the city at its most hipster-filled and self-absorbed), You're The Worst follows Jimmy, a bitter, snarky novelist who hooks up with Gretchen, an irresponsible, emotionally-stunted publicist after a wedding. After revealing their worst traits about one another, the realize that they'd rather not say goodbye forever in the morning. Can two jerks find love, if not happiness, in one another's arms? Three seasons of You're The Worst says they can — and now that TVLine has reported that You're The Worst has been officially renewed for a Season 4, Gretchen and Jimmy can continue to be downright terrible together.

Part dark comedy, part rom-com, You're The Worst has managed to remain both relatable and completely absurd throughout its three seasons. For every insane storyline — like, say, Lindsay stabbing Paul and then leaving him alone so he's forced to toss discs into the DVD player from across the room — there's one that's ready to emotionally gut you. Case-in-point: Gretchen's struggle with depression during Season 2 was a major turning point for the show, because it illustrated the series wasn't afraid to tackle difficult issues while remaining as funny and biting as ever. Comedy needs more shows like You're The Worst, and here are 11 other reasons why its Season 4 renewal is the best news:

1. It Knows Los Angeles So Well

You're The Worst is very much an LA story without being all Entourage about it. Instead of focusing on "the industry," You're The Worst uses the quirkier things about living in LA, like brunch culture and being unable to escape your friend's improv show, to set the scene — not to mention provide fodder for Jimmy's never-ending lists of gripes.

2. "New Phone, Who Dis" Is Everyone's Anthem

Sam's nonsensical diss track, featuring Lindsay, should be everyone's ringtone.

3. Edgar's Story Is Important

Edgar is a total cinnamon roll: the most upbeat person suffering from a serious case of PTSD. Ex-soldier Edgar's journey to get well after going through some of the worst experiences a person could go through on the battlefield is funny in the series, but we're never laughing at Edgar — we're laughing at the absurd things he has to go through in order to get to a place of healing. His compassion for other vets — he helps curate signs for homeless veterans panhandling on the streets — is a reminder that there are far too many Edgars out there not getting the treatment they deserve.

4. Jimmy And Gretchen Are Bizarro Relationship Goals

Gretchen and Jimmy are not good people — they met after Gretchen stole a food processor from the same wedding that Jimmy humiliated the bride at — but their fierce acceptance of one another, despite their flaws, is refreshing. Jimmy and Gretchen don't want to change one another, and they want to retain their independence even in the throes of coupledom.

OK, so they both could use a little changing, but the sentiment is important.

5. Lindsay's Romantic Life Is The Stuff Of Soap Operas

I, too, show affection through bagel bites, so I'm almost on the same page as Lindsay here. Her ability to royally eff up her dating life is even better than listening to your friend's juicy drama, because Lindsay does things so patently ridiculous it's hard not to want her to do more of them. See: artificially inseminating herself with a turkey baster, or tossing her ex's new honey's frisbee into a tree to make a point.

6. It's Feminist

Not only are each of the female characters given just as much opportunity as the men to be "the worst" (no "eye-rolling wife of a schlub" trope to be found on this show) the series gives ample opportunity to viewers to see the personal lives of each of its female characters. Gretchen's depression is the obvious point here, but Lindsay's questioning of her ability to "adult" now that she's alone adds depth to the women of the series that, sadly, not every show can say it provides.

7. Sam Is The Perfect Voice Of Reason

Sam is like, 19, and still capable of calling out all of the adults on their BS.

8. It Has Amazing One-Liners

See the one above.

9. Its Theme Song Is Addictive

FYI, the song is "7:30AM" by Slothrust.

10. Lindsay's Struggle With Adulthood Is All Of Our Struggles

Is Lindsay too old not to know how to turn her power on? Probably. But if you've ever had to call your parents to figure out your taxes or how to fix your printer, you've totally been in Lindsay's shoes.

11. It's Romantic Without Ever Being Sappy

If you loathe rom-coms because they tie up too neatly and the people are too obviously perfect for one another, You're The Worst might be the answer you never knew you needed. In many ways, it is a love story — but its tender moments merely act as punctuation for the lunacy that occurs in each episode. It's heartfelt, but never too saccharine you want to roll your eyes — because you know that Jimmy and Gretchen would be rolling theirs alongside you if so.

Here's hoping You're The Worst is more of the same in Season 4 — like Jimmy and Gretchen, I never want it to change.

Images: FXX; ytwgifs/Tumblr