These ‘Bachelor’ Nation Couples Costumes Rock

by Emily Lackey

The only thing that I love more than Halloween is The Bachelor. No lie. For me, those are the two things in the world that rank the highest, right up there with Chipotle and my favorite pair of sweatpants. So when I got the brilliant idea recently to make the most of my duel love and combine it into some sick Bachelor -inspired couples’ costumes for Halloween, I just about threw my bowl of candy corn in the air like a thing of confetti. There’s nothing better than dressing up for Halloween like some of the year’s most notorious couples. And, when it came to Bachelor Nation in 2016, there were a lot of pairings that really stood out.

Dressing up as one of these duos for your Halloween celebrations will likely make you the hit of the party. Not only are these couples’ costumes affordable, they’re also obvious enough to not have to spend your night answering the dreaded, “Who are you?” question. These couples are so recognizable at this point that, with the right props and accessories, you’ll be rocking these couples costumes in no time. And the good news about these ones, especially, is that they are all from 2016. Whether they're from The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise, these couples make the perfect Halloween costumes.

JoJo & Jordan

A flowing and tropical looking dress will do for JoJo’s outfit. The key to mastering her look, however, will be the flowing locks (easy to get with a good curling iron), and the JoJo edition Diff Eyewear sunglasses. For your better half, make sure he wears an Aaron Rodgers football jersey for full effect. If you don't want to shell out $100 for a jersey you'll only wear once, a green jersey and some felt should do the trick.

DIFF Eyewear Sunglasses, $75, Diff Eyewear

Aaron Rodgers Jersey, $100, NFL Shop

Men's Mesh Football Jersey, $4, Augusta Active

Women's Chiffon Dress, $70, Target

Amanda & Josh

Anything that makes you look like a cool Californian mom will work for Amanda. Since they were often on the beach, I recommend a cute coverup. Carrying around two toddlers on your hip might also help. But the real skill will be in mastering Josh. For that costume, a tight t-shirt and a copy of Andi Dorfman’s book with “FICTION” written across the cover will definitely do the trick.

Bikini Cover Up, $15, Amazon

Tight T-shirt , $10, Amazon

Brianna Doll , $24, Target

It's Not Okay , $11, Amazon

Evan & Carly

An IV, a bloody arm, and a swollen foot will make your partner an obvious Evan. Throw on a button down and some shorts, and this costume will be set. There’s even a fake blood bag on Etsy. For Carly, carrying around a jar of hot peppers and looking full of disdain will make this costume an obvious one.

Fake blood bag, $7, Etsy

Button down shirt, $28, Kohl's

Black dress , $10, Charlotte Russe

Ashley I. & Jared

For Jared, one of those weird microphone necklaces made from some braided rope will definitely be enough. Throw in some cargo shorts and no one will be able to tell the difference. The real drama will come from Ashley I.’s costume, which should be some sort of skimpy bikini, a box of tissues, and makeup done so that it looks like you’ve been crying for 72 hours straight.

Box of tissues, $1, Office Supply

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara , $6, Amazon

High Rise Bikini , $16, Open Sky

Cargo Shorts , $30, American Eagle

And there you have it. Surefire couples costumes that will make you and all of Bachelor Nation happy this Halloween.

Images: ABC (5); DIFF Eyewear; Target (3); NFLshop.com; Etsy; OfficeSupplyInc.com; Amazon (2); Augusta Active; H&M; Kohl's; Charlotte Russe; Open Sky; Macys.com