How Much Are e.l.f.'s Beautifully Precise Brushes? These Makeup Magic Wands Are Budget-Friendly — PHOTOS

It's time to develop a brush crush! e.l.f.'s Beautifully Precise makeup brushes have arrived and they will make your makeup-loving heart race and your product-obsessed pulse quicken. The budget brand is known for affordable offerings that don't skimp on quality. The e.l.f. Cosmetics Beautifully Precise makeup brushes are not your average tools. Not. Even. Close. There are nine brushes that serve the face and the eyes. These makeup weapons are incredibly lovely, thanks to the white bristles, silver hardware, and clear, Lucite handles. These luxe magic wands look expensive, but aren't. How much are the e.l.f. Beautifully Precise brushes, which are also limited edition?

These makeup weapons are so budget-friendly. They are either $5, $10, or $12 a piece. Seriously, the most expensive brush is $12, according to the press materials Bustle received from e.l.f.

Forget a crush! It's time to embark on a full-blown, passionate love affair with e.l.f.'s Beautifully Precise brushes. The triangular design was meant to allow for optimal grip. I have said this many times. It does not matter how pricy your product is. You can by an $80 foundation, but if you don't have the proper tools with which to apply it, it won't look right or do its job properly or as intended.

Inspired by luxury and meant for precision? So it's about form and content and I am so down. I hate when a brush slips through my fingers.

An ergonomic, comfortable grip is essential for proper and, well, precise application of product.

The brush heads are white for a reason. You can see how much color you are picking up from a pan of product. You can also see the level of concentration of the product you are using before applying. Genius, right?

Those stiletto-like handles, though! The brushes are available via the e.l.f site.

Precision Powder Brush, $12, e.l.f.

Use this for both pressed and loose powder. Look at the full, thick brush head. Ahhh!

Precision Multi-Blender Massager, $12, e.l.f.

What an unusual brush! It does many things — it sculpts, shapes, and blends foundation, powder, or bronzer. #MultiTasker

Precision Airbrush Blender, $10, e.l.f.

This baby was designed to work with your facial contours and is usable with powder or cream.

Precision Airbrush Stipple, $10, e.l.f.

This, this is your complexion’s secret weapon.

Precision Sculpting Brush, $10, e.l.f.

Contour away with this densely packed brush.

Precision Dual Sided Eyebrow Brush, $5, e.l.f.

Tame errant brows or brush them into shape with this magic wand.

Precision Smoky Smudge Brush, $5, e.l.f.

Smoky eyes are yours with this tool.

Precision Eyeshadow Brush, $5, e.l.f.

Buff and blend your shadow effortlessly.

Precision Eyeliner Brush, $5, e.l.f.

Tiny. Tapered. Perfect.

You can purchase the brushes a la carte or as sets. Don't delay, though. Even e.l.f. thinks they are going to sell out quick. Notice that little black bubble on the far left which tags this collection as "limited." Seriously. GO. GET. THEM!

Images: e.l.f. Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics (9)