11 'Stranger Things' Halloween Party Ideas For 2016 That Are Delightfully Creepy

So, you've fallen down the rabbit hole that is Stranger Things, and you feel like you're perpetually trapped in 1983. Unlike Will and Barb, though, you're not alone in the Upside Down. With Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect time to throw a Stranger Things Halloween party. If you’re one of the many people who has caught on to this ‘80s sci-fi trend over the summer, then you already know just how hauntingly surprising and wonderful this nostalgia-packed show really is. A show this good can be so hard to let go, though, especially when there are only eight episodes.

You might be wondering how you can make the most of this newfound obsession and mix it into your everyday life. What better way to fuel that obsession than to share it with all of your friends by hosting the ultimate Stranger Things Halloween party? Just imagine, everyone dressed as Eleven, munching on Eggo waffles, and testing out your telekinetic abilities as you binge-watch season one together for the first time (or 10th).

Hosting a viewing party is a great way to get everyone excited about a show you love, even if your friends have never heard of it. The best way to get the party going is to pack it full of references so everyone can immerse themselves in the show and feel even more connected to the incredible characters on the screen. From Joyce to Hopper to the Demogorgon itself, every character has their memorable quirks, which makes you love them and the show so much more.

Whether you prefer the idea of a Halloween party or you just can't wait that long and you must rewatch Stranger Things now, it's important to stick with the theme and make the atmosphere as mystifying as possible. Obviously, tearing down one of your walls with an axe and submerging yourself fully clothed in a kiddie pool is a bit much to do just to fit with the theme of the show, but there are plenty of other ways you can get the same haunting party vibe (minus all the destruction).

So, if you're on board and ready to throw the most epic Stranger Things party ever, grab your friends and check out the list below for some totally strange party ideas.

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1. Make Stranger Things Party Invites

Makeitstranger.com has become one of the top meme-making stops for Stranger Things fans. The site allows you to type in a phrase and have it written in the style of the show's logo. As much fun as it is to type in your name or a random phrase, this site could also come in handy if you want to make invites for your party. Once you've created a title, you can download the image and use it to make some awesome party invitations your friends will love.

Tip: If printable invites aren't your thing, just type in your invitation to strangergif.com and send it to your friends online.

2. Dress Like It's The '80s

First of all, if you and your friends are fans of the '80s aesthetic, there's no better way to celebrate Stranger Things than to play up the trends of the time and have everyone arrive dressed in their best '80s attire. Whether you take inspiration from the outfit of one of the characters in the show or you just decide to dig your favorite Star Wars shirt out of the closet, you can't go wrong (although, parachute pants and leg warmers are highly recommended).

3. Print Some Will Byers Posters

We all know how dedicated Joyce is to finding her son, Will. Even when no one believed her, Joyce kept searching for him, which warmed all of our hearts and kept us rooting for her. To honor Joyce (and Will), try scattering some posters of Will on the walls or placing a stack of them on a table. You could even hand them out to your friends as they arrive and ask, "Have you seen my son?" You might come off strange, and they probably won't get it at first, but once they do they'll absolutely love it.

4. Hang Up Classic Film Posters

Speaking of posters, hanging up a few classic movie prints wouldn't hurt either. Stranger Things makes a lot of references to classic '80s films, which means you can pin up almost anything, from The Goonies to Jaws to E.T . The more posters, the better.

Stranger Things Poster, $10, Amazon; The Goonies Poster, $9, Amazon; Jaws Poster, $6, Amazon; E.T. Poster, $7, Amazon

5. Summon Barb

Ouija boards aren't everyone's thing, but if you want to make this Halloween viewing party truly spooky and spectacular, it's time to break out the magnifying glass and summon Stranger Things' forgotten hero, Barb. Gather your friends in a circle and see if you can figure out what really happened to Barb in the Upside Down. If you're lucky, she just might even talk back.

Classic Ouija Board, $23, Amazon

6. Have Some Snacks

Nothing says childhood like Eggo waffles, and Eleven's obsession with this awesome breakfast food will definitely make you crave some as you watch the show. Get the toaster ready and stock up your freezer with plenty of waffles for you and your friends to munch on, just like Eleven. Mix it up by adding Nutella and fruit, or keep it classic with some maple syrup and butter. Either way, they're the perfect snack for this party.

Eggo Waffles, $5, Amazon

7. Try Out Some Candles

Speaking of waffles, why not try out a waffle-scented vegan candle from Etsy? Light one or two before your guests arrive to spread that delicious waffle aroma everywhere. Eleven would definitely want to be at this party.

Find the candle on Etsy for $6.

8. Play Dungeons & Dragons

Break out the board games and get yourself a Dungeons & Dragons starter kit. Just like Mike and the gang, you and your friends can host your own roleplaying event and fight off the evil Demogorgon. Even if you haven't played before, it's worth a shot to find out how that 12-sided die works.

Dungeon And Dragons Board Game, $13, Amazon

9. Make Joyce's Ouija Board

Probably the biggest Stranger Things reference so far, this ouija board wall will totally get your friends excited for "Chapter 3: Holly, Jolly." You can even use it as a background for the perfect Instagram pics.

10. Recreate Jonathan's Red Room

This one is actually super simple. To recreate Jonathan's red room, replace one of your regular light bulbs with a red bulb. You can even hang a few polaroids up on the walls to get the full effect. All you need are some clothespins and string.

Red Light Bulb, $3, Amazon

11. Break Out The Walkie-Talkies

Whether you had walkie-talkies as a kid or not, these retro pre-cell phone devices will add the missing piece to that '80s vibe you're shooting for. Use them to communicate with each other when someone leaves the room to get another waffle. You can also prank your friends by hiding one in the living room and placing the other walkie-talkie in a room with "Should I Stay or Should I Go" playing on a loop in honor of Will. By the end of the series, your friends will be climbing over each other to find the source.

If you can accomplish all of that, everyone is sure to tell you how much they loved your party, and in the words of Eleven, "Friends don't lie."

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