How Much Is The Illuminate By Ashley Brush Set? These Tools Won’t Break The Bank

Brushes may not be the most exciting part of your makeup collection, but they’re definitely essential. When it comes to applying your products, you need to have the very best tools on hand, and it doesn’t hurt if they’re cute to boot. How much is the Illuminate by Ashley Brush Set? This is just the kind of thing you need to know to upgrade your beauty routine!

The newly released line-up contains eight different brushes. With these on-hand, you’ll be able to apply liner flawlessly, buff and blend your foundation and so much more. The set is available to shop on the Illuminate Cosmetics website now, and it’ll only cost you $15 to own it. That is crazy cheap as far as brush sets go, so you might as well pull out your debit card.

There’s no way you’ll be able to resist a purchase, especially when you see them. Their turquoise handles make them not only functional, but also beautiful to display. So, the Illuminate Brush Set has got some major multi-tasking power if you ask me. Not only will purchasing these give your routine a boost, but they’ll also make your makeup station look even better. What more could you ask for from your beauty tools, you know?

See what I mean? They're just as pretty in hand as they will be on your makeup stand.

There's basically everything you could need, all in this range.

Use them to get a killer eyeshadow look.

Be sure to add just the right amount of highlight.

When you're all done, put them on display! They're just too much fun to look at to ever actually put them away.

Illuminate by Ashley 8 Piece Brush Set, $15, Illuminate Cosmetics

Say hello to your new best friends!

Head on over to the Illuminate Cosmetics website now, and get to shopping!

Images: illuminatecosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy Illuminate Cosmetics (1)