21 Ways You Know You're Crushing It

If we have a word for deriving glee from another's misfortune ("schadenfreude") and another for the act of hurling someone out a window ("defenestration"), why don't we have a succinct way to describe the euphoria of a small victory? I'm talking about the rush that comes with accomplishing something really, really tiny: When you find the lid to a Tupperware container on the first try. When you finally figure out that mystery charge on your credit card statement. When you send a birthday card in the actual mail — and it's not even belated.

In some degree or another, these experiences involve being ~spiritually one~ with your adult self. (Stay with me here.) After that initial rush of accomplishment, you feel like you can take on the world. You stand up a little straighter. You walk with a pep in your step. You feel like a freakin' wizard. In other words, you're absolutely crushing it.

Some have called this "adulting," a word I refuse to accept, so I'm left without the vocabulary to describe this. But where words fail, photos can tell a story. To express our appreciation for the little things (and visual puns, and snacks), we present: Crushing It.

Here are 21 tiny things that bring us satisfaction and joy — and seven pairs of kicks to match the mood.

Matisse Graffiti Leather Boot, Nasty Gal.

"When you wear the exact amount of outfits you pack for on a trip... or at least the exact amount of underwear." — Kara
"When you just make it onto the train as the doors are closing. I always look around like, 'Did you guys see that?'" — Bry
"When there's no garbage at the bottom of your purse." — Christine

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"When you've set up automatic online payments." — Meghan
"Every single time I pay my entire credit card bill at once, I feel like I should be elected president." — Erin
"That 15-minute window every month when I have paid all outstanding bills." — Margaret

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"When all of the dirty laundry is in the hamper and all of the clean laundry is put away." — Suzanne
"When you know what day garbage and recycling pick-up is. And never get them confused." — Christine
"When you finish your laundry and all of your socks match up." — Danielle

YRU Jem Glitter Boot, Nasty Gal

"When you have a heart, comment, and a new follower on Instagram after ONE refresh. I feel damn good." — Allison P.
"When you get screenshots on your Snapchat story." — Irma
"When someone you don't know IRL retweets you." — Hayley

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"When you make the exact right amount of pasta (it's impossible)." — Jenna
"When you change that Brita filter!" — Nancy
"When you use all of the veggies in your fridge." —Anna

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"When you bring lunch to work more than once in a single week." — Erin
"When you're walking somewhere and every time you hit a traffic light, it comes up green." — Riesa
"When you don’t pick your outfits based on which items of clothing are the warmest/coolest/least crinkly." — Jenny

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"When, for the first time ever, your dentist doesn't say you need to floss more." — Stephan

"When you buy more toilet paper or paper towels BEFORE you're on the last roll." — Rachel

"When you finish reading a book that you checked out of the library the day before it's due back at the library." — Hannah

Bottom line? It's OK to congratulate yourself for doing the little things. Now get out there and crush some stuff!

Images: Hannah Burton; Art Direction: Bry Crasch; Styling: Jenna Wexler & Irma Elezovic