The Best Way to Get Over a Breakup

by Nathalie O'Neill

Because chopping all my hair off after a breakup always seemed like something I would regret, I've always been a big fan of the rebound. And now there's scientific proof that the best way to get over someone is truly to get under someone else.

A new study from Queens College and the University of Illinois surveyed 313 adults, some single and some in a relationship. Researchers found that those who stayed single for a shorter amount of time got over their breakups faster than those who had waited longer or were still single.

Specifically, people who opted for a rebound were "more confident in their desirability and had more resolution over their ex-partner," the study, which is published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, explained.

"Because dating individuals already demonstrated that they had the ability to attract another partner, their confidence may have been higher than singles who could have more uncertainty about their romantic future and ability to find a mate."

Basically, a rebound makes you feel like a catch again, and actually gives you the confidence to be single and truly deal with your breakup — we didn't really need science to tell us that. Either way, I'll pick steamy rebound sex over a pixie cut any day.