11 Reasons It's Great Shereé Is Back On 'RHOA'

Real Housewives of Atlanta just isn't what it used to be. Don't get me wrong, I am still all about it. It's just that nothing will ever replace the holy trinity of drama that was NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak, and Shereé Whitfield. I get that they all had to move on and do their own thing, but my girl Shereé departed from the show way too quickly. I didn't see it coming and I got zero closure. Thankfully, Shereé Whitfield is returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta for Season 8, so I can watch knowing that at least one of the original ladies is still a part of the drama, dinner parties, and envy-inducing vacations.

There are plenty of reasons that it's great to have Shereé back on RHOA. She will be a breath of fresh air, but also serve as a familiar face for us loyal viewers. It may seem like the 45-year-old has been out of the fold for too long, so you may be wondering how this is going to work — or is this even going to work? Yes, of course it will. RHOA needs Shereé as much as Shereé needs Real Housewives. Here's why I'm glad to have her back.

1. She Is A Very Picky Dater

I know this show has the word "housewives" in its title, but not all of the ladies are married. I would love to see Shereé dating. My girl deserves to be happy.

2. She Makes Lots Of Fashion Metaphors

Shereé has a metaphor for just about every situation and almost all of them come back to fashion or her appearance.

3. She Takes Her Events Very Seriously

She was always throwing some sort of Shereé-centered party when she was on Real Housewives and these are the kind of events I have missed watching on the show.

4. She Lives In Her Own World

Shereé had no limits when it came to shopping or throwing a party. Apparently, this did not work out so well for her considering that she is reportedly in debt, but if anyone can bypass a budget, it's Shereé.

5. She Brings The Drama

Even in her absence, Shereé's scenes are still the most talked about. I will never be able to un-see her pulling Kim Zolciak's wig in the street.

6. She Is All About Keeping It Classy

Shereé does everything in her power to exude class — except when she's throwing shade and tugging on wigs. The juxtaposition between her two personas is just such a guilty pleasure to watch.

7. She Said The Most Quotable Line Of All Time

Even if she never says it again, "Who gon' check me, boo?" is the most memorable line in RHOA history. This alone warrants her having an open invitation to remain on the show forever.

8. She Is Not Afraid To Clap Back

If you send for Shereé, she's going to come for you. And it will always make amazing television.

9. She Has High Self-Esteem

If you don't like her, it doesn't matter. Shereé likes Shereé enough for all of us. And there is just something magnetic about someone who is this confident.

10. She Needs This

Shereé hasn't had the best time since leaving the show. She's stayed out of the spotlight for the most part and she is reportedly in debt. We need to give our girl some joy and a steady paycheck.

11. She Is Missed

Us fans need Shereé back in our lives. I have no doubt her presence is going to bring Real Housewives of Atlanta where it needs to be.

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