Twitter Reactions To Kylie’s Spice Lip Kit Prove Fans Really Love The New Berry Hue

There's nothing Kylie Jenner fans love more than an announcement about her cosmetics line, and they often turn to one particular medium to share their excitement about new products — Twitter. That's why when Jenner announced a new fall product, the Kylie Cosmetics Spice lip kit, I knew that fans would be turning to Twitter to freak about the gorgeous berry shade.

Jenner was at a Kylie Cosmetics photo shoot Thursday when she started sharing behind-the-scenes peeks of the shoot on Snapchat. Though most of the snaps she was sharing were black and white (Jenner's favorite technique for keeping the shades a secret from fans), she couldn't resist posting some full-color shot while she was there. Even better? Jenner shared the name of one of the shades and announced when it would be available for purchase.

Her latest addition to the lip kit collection is Spice, a berry-ish hue that's perfect for fall. The shade is pretty similar to Love Bite and Kourt K, two previous Kylie Cosmetics shades, but it differentiates itself enough that fans are more than ready to buy this addition to the always-growing collection of Kylie lip kits. And what better time to release a new berry shade than the beginning of fall? It'll be available Oct. 12.

It's a pretty gorgeous shade, right? Unfortunately Jenner's Snapchats are the only sneak peaks of the shade, but they were definitely enough to get fans excited.

I'd say they're pretty excited, and who can blame them? Now we just have to wait a few more weeks for the shade to drop.

Images: @kyliecosmetics/Instagram; kylizzlemynizzle/Snapchat