'WAGS Miami's Claudia Shares Relationship Secrets

The original series WAGS is all about the strict hierarchy between the women who date athletes in Los Angeles. But spinoff WAGS Miami star Claudia Sampedro, who spoke with Bustle about the debut season of the show, explains that her relationship doesn't fit within those guidelines. Claudia's relationship with Julius Peppers, a player for the Green Bay Packers, is happy and successful. On the original WAGS, the couple would probably get some judgement for not being married, and think that Claudia should be begging for an engagement ring. However, according to Claudia, their relationship is in great shape without that distinction. "I just love the chemistry we have," she says. "We really just motivate each other and he makes me a better person and I really love him."

Between Claudia and Julius, the couple have three children, one together and two from previous relationships. Claudia says that showing how happy their family is was a big part of why she wanted to do the show. "I’m actually excited for [viewers] to get a little glimpse of my family life, and just the family dynamic that Julius and I have, with both of us having blended our families from previous relationships and just how all the kids get along great." And even after the season finished, Claudia says now "things are going very well, I’m very happy" about her relationship with Julius, so reality stardom isn't going to get between these two.

At least according to the WAGS franchise, a big part of being in a relationship with an NFL player is meeting the other wives and girlfriends who are dating or married to members of the team. Claudia credits the community in Green Bay for being particularly open-minded about accepting any and everyone whose significant other plays on the team. "There’s girlfriends, there’s new girls where their guys have just gotten drafted or just got picked up by the team, there’s the wives, who have been there forever, and we’re all just really bonded, and we all get along and we really respect one another," she says. In that community, she says, "we have such a close, close group of friends."

Ultimately, though, it boils down to the mutual respect and love she shares with Julius that makes their relationship so strong on WAGS Miami. "I love our competitive spirit, the way we motivate one another," Claudia explains. "We’re one another’s best friend." Awww.

Image: E! Entertainment